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Wildlife Hospital & Education to all age groups in environmental matters. Founded by Simon Cowell, presenter of TV's Wildlife SOS, CEO and Trustee of WAF.

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Lucy, one of our old vet nurses, had been caring for a Cuckoo at the centre for a month. When it came time for the bird to be released, Lucy realised it had missed its migration window to fly south, and it was too late to release it in the UK…

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In just 24 hours, our soot-covered tawny #owl has made an amazing recovery!

After a clean-up and feed, it is already much brighter and has now been moved into one of our aviaries to stretch its wings.

With a response this good, it should be back in the wild in no time!

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This tawny #owl managed to fall down a chimney and arrived with us covered in soot!

After an inspection and a clean up, the owl was moved into one of our pens to recover. Whilst still weak, it is already getting a little more feisty and we hope it will make a full recovery!

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This #mouse arrived after being caught by a #cat. Although still bright, she had lost the tip of her tail.

Luckily, the damage was minor and, after the wound was cleaned, she was placed on a course of medication.

After a week, she had healed well and was returned to the wild!

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This #fox arrived covered in #mange with a small pressure wound on the base of her tail.

With a special hydrocolloid dressing sutured over her wound, she was placed on a course of treatment. Although she has a long road ahead, we hope she will be able to make a full recovery :)

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We hope you can join us LIVE this evening on Facebook and YouTube for our first #livestream of the year!

Featuring centre updates, recent rescues, an update on our new developments and, of course, a Q&A session it should be a fun hour!

Hope to see you there!

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We'd like to say a huge thank you to Battersea Cats and Dogs Home for their MASSIVE food donation!

With orphan season around the corner and hundreds of hedgehogs needing a winter home, we'll get through thousands of tins of food and amazing gestures like this really help!

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Lawrie and Jacob were recently called out to investigate a mysterious flapping sound coming from the roof of someone's home. Concerned that a bird was trapped, the pair formed a plan of action to get it free. But what did they find?!...

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Join us LIVE tomorrow (Wednesday 13th) at 7pm UK time for our first #livestream of the year!

If you have any questions for the team, make sure you join us and we will answer all we can!

We hope to see you on #YouTube or #Facebook tomorrow evening! :)

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This #pigeon arrived recently with an injured wing. Sadly, an x-ray confirmed a fracture.

With the wing secured, the bird was moved into our ICU and, now, is looking much better!

With the bone healing well, it will soon be heading to one of our aviaries for some physio.

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We need your help to help us win a share of £43,000 from the lovely people at SEIB Insurance! To put us in the running, all you need to do is nominate us at

Voting ends TOMORROW!

Charity number. 1138944

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We're delighted to say that our recent male #mallard (the one who had his foot stepped on by a #horse) is now back in the wild.

Hopefully, he won't be getting himself into that very strange situation again!

#AnimalRescue #MondayMotivation

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We had so many fantastic photographs posted for this weeks #weekendwildlifechallenge - well done everyone!

Here are just a few for you to see 🤩

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Quoted @drawwithsophie

Aged 17, making some more progress on my badger drawing! here’s a little size comparison next to a 20p coin 🥰
#wildlifedrawing #wildlifeart #animalart @BadgerTrust #badger @BBCSpringwatch @ChrisGPackham @swlanaturaleye

What a stunning piece! An incredible talent and a very worthy subject :)

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We have some great news about our orphaned #mice!

Arriving with their eyes closed, they were soon transferred into the care of one of our rodent carers and now look much more grown up!

With their eyes open and successfully weaned, they should be released back to the wild soon!

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Now 2021 is here, it won't be too long before orphan season begins!

Preparations are well underway to ensure we can cope with 80+ new patients a day but, if you would like to help us prepare for the cutest part of our year, please visit

Thank you!

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Our broken-wing #kestrel has been making some great progress recently!

With the wing splint holding the fracture in place, it has healed beautifully and she is already flying about once more in her pen!

With a follow-up x-ray scheduled soon, her release date is not far away!

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Today’s the day! Head over to @bigwildthought to see the latest addition to our clothing and accessories range featuring UK birds!

Did you know that the #robin was declared the UK’s National Bird in 2015? Visit to see the full range!

#clothing #bird

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We have seen a surge in hedgehogs birthing a second litter of young hoglets late in to the year - Many are too small to survive winter hibernation. The struggling hoglets are brought in to us at WAF. But we need your help to feed them all!
To donate visit:

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