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House panel to vote on slavery reparations bill for first time, supporters are calling it an important milestone

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Republicans say Biden’s Afghanistan withdrawal plan is "dumber than dirt"

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Following withdrawal announcement, battle to determine Afghanistan war’s legacy begins

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United announced a goal that at least half of new pilots in their development program will be women or people of color. While some praised the initiative, others protested.

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Many college campuses were counting on the Johnson & Johnson one-dose vaccine to inoculate students before summer. Some will now offer other versions of the vaccine.

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Biden watched three presidents fail to end a war he saw as distracting from bigger threats like China and Russia. Now he’s pulling the plug.

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Derek Chauvin’s defense opens with focus on George Floyd’s drug use, rebuttal testimony on use of force

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Top Biden administration health officials paused the use of the Johnson & Johnson coronavirus vaccine to protect the public and be transparent, but critics worry they overreacted and might undermine confidence.

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In wrenching photos, slain Capitol officer’s children watch his memorial and wipe mother’s tears

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Maryland honored the late son of Rep. Jamie Raskin (D-Md.) by enacting a law that allows people with mental health concerns to opt in to wellness checks.

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Senate confirms Polly Trottenberg as deputy transportation secretary

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Both Democrats and Republicans signaled they are willing to work on the bipartisan passage of hate-crime legislation focused on Asian Americans amid the coronavirus pandemic.

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Perspective: Biden’s plea for masks will fail. Blame political polarization.

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Sony PS5 update enables external storage for next-gen games, with a caveat

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Residents in Millsboro, Del., sued the local Montaire plant, which they suspect is linked to their cancers and other serious health issues.

Mountaire, the nation’s sixth-largest poultry company, agreed to a $204 million settlement for the contamination.

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President Biden plans to withdraw all remaining U.S. troops from Afghanistan by Sept. 11 this year

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Democrats are warming to the idea of using budget “reconciliation,” which would allow them to bypass Republicans but could carry other risks.

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Opinion: Vaccines won’t save Michigan from its covid-19 surge

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A man has sued Detroit police after he was wrongfully arrested and falsely identified as a shoplifting suspect by the department’s facial recognition software, in one of the first lawsuits of its kind

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Opinion: Things are going well for Biden. But the easy part may be almost over.

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