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#Andhagaaram team got blessing from @ikamalhaasan sir , thanks so much for always being with us and supporting us sir , your words has always given us the encouragement to do SM thing new sir, luv u sir ❤️ ...

மகிழ்ச்சி :)

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That special feel of wearing this special jersey #TeamIndia #TrustInDreams


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My apologies for the long post. However, to thank all the people that have made today possible, I’m afraid words will fall short. Therefore I'm taking this opportunity to talk a little about our film and to express my gratitude. #Thankyou #GodBless

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Replying to @priyaatlee: The wait is over , #Andhaghaaram streaming @NetflixIndia tonight at 12 am ,super excited 🥰
@Atlee_dir @aforapple_offcl @Pas…

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Quoted @Atlee_dir

#Andhaghaaram tonight 12am @NetflixIndia super excited

12 AM Tonight. #andhaghaaram Tamil / #andhakaaram Telugu.

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The wait is over , #Andhaghaaram streaming @NetflixIndia tonight at 12 am ,super excited 🥰
@Atlee_dir @aforapple_offcl @PassionStudios_ @Sudhans2017 @vvignarajan @iam_arjundas #PradeepKumar @Jayaram_gj @vinoth_kishan @Poojaram22

#Andhaghaaram tonight 12am @NetflixIndia super excited

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Quoted @thinkmusicindia

Stop what you are doing and watch the pulsating #YaardhaanKandaaro 's lyric video from #Andhaghaaram 🔛

A #PradeepKumar musical
Lyrics & Vocals by @LawrenceSivam

@Atlee_dir @aforapple_offcl @PassionStudios_
@priyaatlee @Sudhans2017 @vvignarajan

A #pradeepkumar musical. Lyrics & vocals by @lawrence_sivam .

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@just_cut_it @valentino_suren @mahendramullath @ManojMullath @lawrence_sivam @netflixindia

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The Intriguing #Andhakaaram - Telugu Trailer #2️⃣ Out Now

@Atlee_dir @aforapple_offcl @PassionStudios_ @priyaatlee @Sudhans2017 @vvignarajan @iam_arjundas #PradeepKumar @Jayaram_gj @vinoth_kishan @Poojaram22 @NetflixIndia @MishMash2611 @DoneChannel1

#Andhakaaram (Telugu) - Official Trailer 2.
@Atlee_dir @priyaatlee @Sudhans2017 @jayaram_gj @aforapple_offcl @iam_arjundas @vinoth_kishan @Poojaram22 @kumarnatarajan @MishMash2611 @edwinsakaydop @wimvasu @gopalbalaji @thinkmusicindia @santhosh_music @prathapwrites @alagiakoothan

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Quoted @VigneshShivN


Thank U @Milind_Rau for comin up with such an intriguing teaser!
All credit goes to U for Making this birthday so special for us😇

wonderful job dear @ggirishh
Ever dependable @RDRajasekar



#NetriKannTeaser - Fabulous!! 👏👏👍👍💐💐 Congratulations and all the very best Director @Milind_Rau, Producer @VigneshShivN, #Nayanthara ma'am and the entire team of #NetriKann.

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Quoted @RSeanRoldan

The absolutely mind blowing album #AndhaGaaram is out. Music composed by mr genius Pradeep Kumar. Give this a massive support @thinkmusicindia Juke box link -

Thank you dear @RSeanRoldan 🙏

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Yeshwanth, @mixwithrr, @tapass88, Jhanu Chanthar, @bharathsankar12 and @bpcollective1 for all your immense musical contributions.

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Quoted @thinkmusicindia

The enthralling #Andhaghaaram Full Album out now 🔛

A #PradeepKumar Musical 🎵
Lyrics by @lawrence_sivam

@Atlee_dir @aforapple_offcl @PassionStudios_ @priyaatlee @Sudhans2017 @vvignarajan @iam_arjundas @Jayaram_gj @vinoth_kishan @Poojaram22

Thank you Pradeep for this phenomenal experience. Working with you was enriching and the process will always remain close to my heart. Thank you @lawrence_sivam for the intense lyrics. Thank you Mrs.Kalyani Pradeep, @shahidfeels, @RseanRoldan, @ShakthisreeG, @Music_Santhosh,

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Replying to @thinkmusicindia: Get Ready to Groove on 🎧🎶
The Full album of #Andhakaaram will be out today at 5️⃣PM

@Atlee_dir @aforapple_offcl @Pa…

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Quoted @thinkmusicindia

Set the reminders on ✨ !
The Full album of #Andhaghaaram
Will be out today at 5️⃣ PM

@Atlee_dir @aforapple_offcl @PassionStudios_ @priyaatlee @Sudhans2017 @vvignarajan @iam_arjundas #PradeepKumar @Jayaram_gj @vinoth_kishan @Poojaram22 @MishMash2611 @lawrence_sivam

Today at 5 PM. A #pradeepkumar musical.

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Get Ready to Groove on 🎧🎶
The Full album of #Andhakaaram will be out today at 5️⃣PM

@Atlee_dir @aforapple_offcl @PassionStudios_ @priyaatlee @Sudhans2017 @vvignarajan @iam_arjundas #PradeepKumar @Jayaram_gj @vinoth_kishan @Poojaram22 @MishMash2611 @RakenduMouliV

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Quoted @iam_arjundas

And it’s here the moment we all have been waiting for 💥💥💥
#MasterTeaser ➡️

Wishing you all a very happy,prosperous & safe Diwali !

#Master #MasterDiwali #ThalapathyDiwali

#MasterTeaser Riveting!! 👍👍👏👏 Congratulations and all the very best @iam_arjundas, Director @Dir_Lokesh and the entire #Master team 💐💐

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Quoted @raghunathan_ps

This is one movie I have really been waiting for. Wish this movie becomes a hit.

All the very best to the whole team and my favourites @iam_arjundas @vinoth_kishan

@vvignarajan @Poojaram22 @NetflixIndia @MishMash2611 @Sudhans2017 @thinkmusicindia


Thank you sir :)

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Quoted @philoedit

Interesting Trailer 👏 . Best wishes @iam_arjundas and the entire team.


Thank you @philoedit

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Quoted @sathishoffl

Terrific 👍 #Andhaghaaram Trailer Director @vvignarajan 💥💥💥

@Atlee_dir @priyaatlee @iam_arjundas @vinoth_kishan #Andhaghaaram @alagiakoothan #NOV24th #NetflixStreaming

Thank you @sathishoffl :)

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Quoted @Lyricist_Vivek

Heres the Tamil trailer of #Andhaghaaram, a supernatural suspense thriller 👉

Congrats team ❤️ Wishing you only the best 🤗
@Atlee_dir @priyaatlee @vvignarajan @Sudhans2017 @NetflixIndia @iam_arjundas

Thank you @Lyricist_Vivek sir 🙏

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Quoted @vincentcinema

@vvignarajan @karanjohar @Atlee_dir @priyaatlee @Sudhans2017 @jayaram_gj @aforapple_offcl @iam_arjundas @vinoth_kishan @Poojaram22 @MishMash2611 @edwinsakaydop @wimvasu @gopalbalaji @kumarnatarajan @thinkmusicindia So so proud of you @vvignarajan

Thanks a ton buddy @vincentcinema 🙏 Congratulations!!

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