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A Guide To #LifeAsItShouldBe by @nickjonas and @johnvarvatos 🥃 Tequila for the Modern Person ♠️ Sip Responsibly | Must be 21+ to follow

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Taste #LifeAsItShouldBe on National Margarita Day with Villa One! #VillaOne

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A little pre-show Tequila. #LifeAsItShouldBe

I spy with my little eye #VillaOne 👀🥃

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Want to find out where you can sip #LifeAsItShouldBe? Head to for the #VillaOne locator!

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This year, we’re all about seeing things in 20/20. From Nick Jonas’ favorite candle to a guided meditation via @Headspace, these New Year’s Day essentials will keep your mind in check. #VillaOne #LifeAsItShouldBe

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Bloody Villa One:
100% tomato juice
1.5 oz Villa One Silver
.25 oz fresh lemon juice
3 turns of cracked black pepper
2 dashes of salt
3 dashes tobasco hot sauce
5 dashes Worcestershire sauce
About a teaspoon of raw horseradish

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Combine and shake
Strain over fresh ice in a spiced salt rim.
Garnish with your celery, lemon, and olive.

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New Tequila, New You. Looking for a little pick-me-up? Get a taste of this delicious Bloody Villa One recipe below! #VillaOne #LifeAsItShouldBe

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New decade, new you...So isn’t it time for a new skincare routine? These #VillaOne-approved products are as good as they look. #LifeAsItShouldBe

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Can you guess how many tequilas we tasted to get Villa One JUST right? #VillaOne #LifeAsItShouldBe

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What’s our 2020 New Year’s resolution? #LifeAsItShouldBe. 💯
Follow along for our guide to elevating the everyday. We’ll show you the BEST place to be and eat, the BEST way to dress and feel, and of course, the BEST way to DRINK. #VillaOne #LifeAsItShouldBe

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Replying to @nickjonas: From the snow to the ocean. #lifeasitshouldbe

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From the snow to the ocean. #lifeasitshouldbe

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From all of us at #VillaOne, we hope you have a safe and happy holiday.

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Nothing says #LifeAsItShouldBe like spending Christmas Eve with the ones you love.

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New York! Bottles of our @villaone Reposado and Añejo are now available in stores near you. So pumped that now you guys can taste my favorite drink - Reposado on the rocks with a splash of soda and an orange wedge!

Cheers, New York! 🥃

If you need any help finding a store near you, we’ve got you covered ➡️ !

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Welcome to the weekend 🥃 Tag the friend you’re meeting up with for happy hour.   #LifeAsItShouldBe

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A drink with a view 🌇 #LifeAsItShouldBe #VillaOne

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Take a picture… hopefully the #VillaOne will last longer 🤳🥃

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