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All international arrivals to UK face hotel quarantine, The Sunday Times reports. Plus exclusive report and extracts from the new autobiography of the serial killer Dennis Nilsen #TomorrowsPaperToday

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"I've been on the receiving end of those speeches about how 'if things were different' or 'in another life' we’d 'definitely be together'. I know how disorientating it is to have someone’s affection be so random, intense and fleeting," says @dollyalderton

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"You may be able to require your landlord to take action against the tenants"

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Interview 🎙️ | @priyankachopra is proud to be part of a generation of Asian actors — she includes Mindy Kaling — “that is really taking a step in the right direction in knocking down doors and saying, ‘We need to be represented. We need to be included’”

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Residents of a new town in Essex will one day drive home in cars that then take themselves off for the night 🚙

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Interview 🎙️ | "I try not to narrow my view of race to my own experience. When I look to explore race, I really seek out other people’s experiences," says @kileyreid, author of Such A Fun Age

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Interview 🎙️ | "The transition from Nirvana to Foo Fighters was difficult in more than a few ways," says Dave Grohl

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"You deserve to be more to someone than their self-esteem slanket," says @dollyalderton

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Interview 🎙️ | "Diversity is the name of the game today. The quintessential American girl can come from anywhere," says @priyankachopra

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Worried about noisy neighbours? Here's what you can do about the disturbance

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Interview 🎙️ | "My religion was my record collection, I looked at those musicians as my saints and their songs as my hymns," says Dave Grohl

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Interview 🎙️ | "As I got older, I developed a large personality that makes you seem quite strong — that makes you seem like you’re not someone to be picked off,'" says Graham Norton

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Reckless and immoral in deed and word, Julian Assange should never get the reins back to Wikileaks, says investigative journalist James Ball

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The hero of a new TV show about a man with an enormous and uncontrollable penis could help change the way British children — and parents — think about their bodies

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Interview 🎙️ | "I was afraid of breaking down in tears in front of journalists if they so much as mentioned Nirvana," says Dave Grohl

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"To call the working and living environment in the WikiLeaks house in Norfolk chaotic would be a generous understatement," writes investigative journalist James Ball

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Interview 🎙️ | "Trans people need to be protected, rather than feared,'" says Graham Norton

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Interview 🎙️ | We sat down with @kileyreid, author of Such A Fun Age

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"Being messy and creative is the ultimate antidote to sadness. It’s a non-restrictive joy that you cannot fail at: you fall back into your inner child and fall away from endless phone scrolling"

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