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.@KimKardashian and @KhloeKardashian share what it was like to have their father be one of O.J. Simpson’s lawyers. “He kind of looked shocked when they read the verdict.”

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🎶Are you strong enough to be my man … Howard?🎶

@SherylCrow came by with her accordion to perform #StrongEnough live on the #SternShow in 1997.

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“My dad used to have homeless people fill out tickets,” @salgovernale told Howard in 2018 about some of the unusual places his dad found his lottery numbers. Catch the full segment today on #Sternthology!


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“I would like to get a cucumber ... and hit you with it.”

Know who said it? Take this week’s #WhoSaidItQuiz now!

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What did Ralph Cirella post that got him kicked off #Twitter? He told Howard even he wasn’t 100-percent sure.

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.@HowardStern checks in on @rmlimodriver69 after he got his first #COVID vaccine shot.

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What’s it like living with Puff Daddy? @Usher told Howard all about his time staying at the music mogul’s house in the ‘90s. Hear the full 2016 interview today on #Sternthology!


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What does Danny @CevallosLaw think of @MemetWalker’s #Bitcoin gift? The #WrapUpShow Hall of Famer and @MSNBC legal analyst weighs in on today’s show. Tune in at 1 p.m. on #Howard101!


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.@jdharm lost his virginity to a woman he met on #MySpace … and Howard got to talk to her on the phone.

Look back at more moments from the #SternShow’s first month on @SiriusXM here —>

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Before he became a member of the Wack Pack, Mark the Bagger made his #SternShow debut when he came in with @bloodhoundgang back in 2006.

Celebrate more moments from the #SternShow’s first month on @SiriusXM here:

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The #SternShow is celebrating 15 years @siriusxm! Check out some of the best moments from Howard’s first month on satellite radio here —>

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“Why didn’t you pick yellow, man?!” @MichaelRapaport asked after failing to identify what @cwotd was trying to draw during a game of #Cocktionary in 2017.

Catch the full segment streaming today on #Sternthology —>

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During his 2019 sit-down, @PeterFrampton told Howard Stern about meeting @GeorgeHarrison and playing on his first post-@thebeatles album “All Things Must Pass.”

Stream his full interview playing today on #Sternthology —>

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“That puppet is smiling much more than Fred Gwynne ever did,” @rqui remarked when @HowardStern showed her the Herman Munster puppet he received as a birthday gift from @RobZombie.

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When will life get back to normal? Dr. @DavidAgus returned to the #SternShow with answers about vaccinations, new COVID strains, and more.

Stream his full interview on @siriusxm:

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Howard suggested a different design when @robertabooey revealed his #BabaBooey T-shirt on the #SternShow in 1995. Check out the full segment today on #Sternthology!


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TODAY: Dr. @DavidAgus returns to the #SternShow to answer all of @HowardStern’s latest medical questions. Tune in on @SiriusXM! #Howard100


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.@1NatalieMaines revealed the two famous men she would consider dating while talking to @HowardStern about her love life.

Catch her full 2020 interview today on #Howard100 or stream it anytime on the @siriusxm app —>

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“I was like a rabid dog rooting around the house for vegetables!” Robin Quivers shocked the #SternShow with her wild revelation on #ThisDayInHowardHistory in 2006.

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