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Sparking compassion, curiosity and conservation for the aquatic animal world 🐠 Home of Wellington the #penguin 🐧 Temp closed—explore with us online! 🏛️💻

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We may be closed, but we're bringing Shedd to these students with a virtual field trip to meet the calf, #STEM activities for teachers to make environmental learning fun & more.

Stay tuned for the name announcement, and until then Learn Online with Shedd:

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It's time to name the dolphin calf! Next week, 25,000 fourth grade @ChiPubSchools students will pick one of the following names for the Pacific white-sided dolphin calf born in August. @ChiFirstFund

What's your favorite name?


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Win a Virtual Animal Encounter! We're teaming up with @Do312 to give away a virtual encounter of your choice. Want to see sea otters play? 🦦 Hang out with the penguins in their habitat? 🐧 Hear what a sea lion sounds like? See T&Cs and enter to win!

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The first penguin field trip of the new year! 🐧 Penguin chick Sir Elio explored stingrays as they glided by his (webbed) feet in Wild Reef.

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Replying to @SheddResearch: Shedd's conservation research continues year-round! Today, Dr. Youngquist was checking temperature loggers and wildlife…

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A new resident so tiny, it can hide in a sea urchin. Banggai cardinalfish young—or "fry"—like this one in Underwater Beauty hover between the spines of sea urchins for protection. Their striped pattern adds a layer of camouflage that persists into adulthood.

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Shedd's conservation research continues year-round! Today, Dr. Youngquist was checking temperature loggers and wildlife cameras in restored wetlands. Even in freezing cold, the science must go on!

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No fur, no blubber, no problem! 🐙 Giant Pacific octopuses like Bowie can be found as far north as Alaska and can stay active in frigid temperatures—an adaptation we admire in the winter months.

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From a caretaker's view: that red and purple crest can be seen when Doppler or Ruby take a quick dip in the bath!

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What bird has another bird's title in its name? Meet the hawk-headed parrot! 🦜 This brilliantly beautiful bird was named for the red and purple plumage in its crest. Hawk-headed parrots—Doppler and Ruby—call Amazon Rising habitat home. #NationalBirdDay

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Happy first Monday of 2021 to everyone, and especially to rockhopper penguin Bosco. 🐧

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We may not have dressed up to say #happynewyear, but even if we did, the flashy Mandarin Dragonet would have had us beat! This fish is one of the few vertebrates that produces a rare true blue hue.

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Looking extra forward to ringing in this new year! #goodbye2020

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🔊 Sound on: Waddling towards 2021 on new year's eve with the tippy-taps of penguin feet! 🐧

As we #Welcome2021, here's to a healthy, happy new year.

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Watch a @TEDx Talk starring a Shedd alum! From Shedd teen programs to becoming an Arctic Explorer and pursuing a Ph.D. in marine science, hear Frances Crable talk about her work and the waves she’s making for the Chicago community.

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Still going! (2/2)
🦈Bonnethead pups
🐟Endangered Barron's topminnows
🦎Caiman lizards

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We may all be ready to leave 2020 behind. But first, let's wrap up the year by looking back at the tiny new arrivals that gave us something to celebrate!

🐟Six baby stingrays
🐬A dolphin calf
🐋Bella's beluga calf
🐧Four Magellanic penguin chicks

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Dragons are real...and they live underwater! 🐉🌊 Start the new year on a fun note for kids with after-school and weekend programs like Virtual Aquarium Adventures: Seahorses and Sea Dragons.

Sign up:

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From our Shedd Aquarium family to yours, have a safe and happy holiday season.

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One square inch of a sea otter's fur has roughly the same number of hairs as a whole German shepherd! 🦦❄️ Yaku and Luna recently played with snow and ice enrichment, taking breaks to groom that dense fur.

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