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#MogulMowgli available to stream now via BFI Player


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Lockdown 2.0 = Shutdown 2.0

@rizwanahmed and @curry_crayola's exploration of identity MOGUL MOWGLI screens at @ourscreen's Virtual Cinema next Wednesday 🌸

Watch together at 7.30pm and join the discussion in the chat. #MogulMowgliLive

£5 tickets 👉

Come watch #MogulMowgli online for £5 - basically a two for one discount. We keep it Cash & Carry vibes til the end.

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10 years ago when I started writing Sound Of Metal, I thought to myself, how can I time this release for the worst theatrical moment in cinematic history? It took careful planning but I do believe I’ve pulled it off.
#SoundOfMetal opens in theaters today.

You always find a way of nailing the things no one else would even attempt. 👏🏽

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I loved SOUND OF METAL and @rizwanahmed's performance is a stunner in a career full of them. (His co-star #PaulRaci gets a lot of love in this ep, too!) We also talk about the value of representation and "The Riz Test"!

Thanks for the chat - glad we got to touch on Chadwick Boseman and Irrfan Khan’s timeless work.

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Lyric video for Once Kings just dropped - what's your favourite line?

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Thanks @AnnieMac for spinning Once Kings & the kind words 🙏🏽

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Love this brother
love this track
love this flow

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That’s a wrap! Thank you 🙏🏽

#music #mentalhealth


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BIG NEWS! 📣 We're thrilled to announce our #BIFA2020 long list for the Best British Short Film Award, supported by @bfinetwork.

Discover the best new shorts and most exciting filmmakers the UK has to offer. Our friends at @HeyUGuys have the scoop ➡️

#TheLongGoodbye has been long listed for @BIFA_film Best British Short Film Award 👊🏽

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Replying to @TheMuslimGuy: Dear Desi Siblings @hasanminhaj @kumailn @Malala @rizwanahmed Please help this awesome Pakistani restaurant raise $150K s…

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Dear Desi Siblings @hasanminhaj @kumailn @Malala @rizwanahmed Please help this awesome Pakistani restaurant raise $150K so they can keep feeding DC's homeless for free!

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Put together a playlist inspired by #MogulMowgli, have a little listen.

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Mathieu Kassovitz’s ‘La Haine’- It’s a film that I stumbled across when I was a teenager. It opened me up to a different kind of cinema. I feel like it’s a timeless movie, sadly.

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Mum’s Do Pyaaza Recipe- ‘Do Pyaaza’ means from two onions. It’s a very simple curry dish that during lockdown my mum taught me. It just tastes like home to me.

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Aziz Mian’s ‘Main Sharabi’- Aziz Mian was a qwwali singer. Aziz Mian was iconoclastic. He was deeply controversial.

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‘90s Multiculturalism- In the ‘90s there was this moment of celebrating multiculturalism in the UK. @TVSanjeev and @meerasyal created ‘Goodness Gracious Me’, this groundbreaking sitcom like ‘Key & Peele’ or ‘Chappelle’s Show’.

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British Rave Music- We have this proud tradition of sound-system culture that comes from the Jamaican influence in London, which is huge. U.K. Apache’s ‘Original Nuttah’ is a great primer into what jungle music is.

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Made a list of influences that inspire me for @NYTimes.

What are yours?

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Replying to @DocKamran: Tips on looking after your #mentalhealth for those in the UK and elsewhere back in #lockdown.

You’ve done it before, you…

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Tips on looking after your #mentalhealth for those in the UK and elsewhere back in #lockdown.

You’ve done it before, you got this!

#2ndLockdown #anxiety #Lockdown2 #lockdown2uk

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Houston! We’re screening the TEXAS PREMIERE of Bassam Tariq’s MOGUL MOWGLI with @curry_crayola and @BunBTrillOG in conversation 7:30 Thursday at Moonstruck Drive In! Tweet at us with questions for them! #HCAF2020

Houston... come see what we made for you this Thursday ⚡️

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Our short film ‘The Long Goodbye’ won Best UK Short at Raindance Film Fest, & Best Special Project at UK Music Video Awards 🙏🏽 Big thanks to @WeTransfer @Somesuchandco & Aneil Karia

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I Miss You | Dedicated to the ones we miss and the ones we lost.

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