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To thine own self be true. A mom, wife, actress, singer, songwriter, and producer. My new song "I Wanna Kiss Bob Dylan" is out now! Listen below:

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MIXED NUTS. Such a blast to work on this with an amazing cast. @SteveMartinToGo @AdamSandler @LievSchreiber @JulietteLewis @anthonylapaglia directed by #noraephron written by @DeliaEphron and Nora Ephron. I’m glad this movie has stuck around. Madeline Kahn is incredible.

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.@RitaWilson had an epiphany about the relationship between the singer and the listener—and then all the stars aligned just right.

Thank you! @alisonbonaguro loves music!

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@RitaWilson @amazon This promo worked....
ordered my friend.

Thank you!!!

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Is there anything you’ve tried variations on until you got to what you had envisioned? Let me know.

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I like this video that shows various stages of the process I went through painting the cover of my single I Wanna Kiss Bob Dylan. Sometimes going through iterations helps define what you’re trying to get at.

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SALE time! Head to my @amazon merch store for 25% off all merch until Dec 1!

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Well, this is intriguing....

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Great, Rita!

Thank you, Steve!

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.@RodLurie co-wrote the song, and @RitaWilson sings it with such sorrow and pain


And you wrote a magnificent book.

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LISTEN: @RitaWilson's new song is inspired by gypsy soul @bobdylan.

Thank you, CMT. I could kiss you for this!

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Great, Rita!

Thank you, Steve!

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Thank you so much, Steve!

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Replying to @BrainandLifeMag: After her mother died from #Alzheimers disease, @RitaWilson volunteered to raise awareness and funds on behalf of othe…

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Replying to @AllArtsTV: LISTEN: @DollyParton, @MonicaDenise, @JordinSparks, @saraevansmusic and @RitaWilson teamed up on the song “Pink” from songwr…

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The sketch always takes the longest. But, sometimes you have to experiment to see what works. At the end you’ll see the photo I was using. I made up the colors of what I thought the jacket could look like. That was fun. I wanted a jacket like that!

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Process. When I started painting the cover for "I Wanna Kiss Bob Dylan" I went through many versions. Not all are shown here. @bobdylan paints & I thought this would be another nod of respect. I was trying to see if more impressionistic watery ones worked & tried different colors

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LISTEN: @DollyParton, @MonicaDenise, @JordinSparks, @saraevansmusic and @RitaWilson teamed up on the song “Pink” from songwriter @victoriashaw to raise awareness around breast cancer, benefiting @SusanGKomen 🎵

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After her mother died from #Alzheimers disease, @RitaWilson volunteered to raise awareness and funds on behalf of others with the illness. #AlzheimersAwarenessMonth

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Thank you @Spotify for adding #IWannaKissBobDylan on New Music Nashville playlist! Check it out:

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@RitaWilson @bobdylan Rita your voice is sounding amazing. I'll be in your dreams and you'll be in mine - Talkin WWIII blues, baby. A lot of us feel this way about BobDylan but you're the one who thought to write a song about it. Damn! I bow to you.

Dan!!!!!! This, coming from you, makes my day, night, and tomorrow. Thank you!!!!

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My song I Wanna Kiss Bob Dylan is out NOW on all music platforms. The song was inspired by going deep into @bobdylan's music and I fell in love with the tenderness and regret that he often writes about. The vulnerability that love stirs up.

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