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Donald Trump is never going to get tired of losing this election.

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Quoted @scalzi

As others are noting on this hell site:

Just because this attempted coup is being run by fucking incompetents, don't forget that this *is* an actual attempted coup, and that one of the two major political parties in the country is actively and intentionally subverting democracy.

This is well said.

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Quoted @panos_panay

Pumped to see @surface Duo on the @TIME's Best Inventions of 2020 list! We always say products are a reflection of the people who make them and I'm incredibly proud of the team for the passion they put into this device #TIMEBestInventions #SurfaceDuo

Awesome work by @panos_panay and the entire team!

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Quoted @ApplePodcasts

Devise ways to find things no one else has found - or didn't think to look for. That's the lesson from the latest episode of @MastersofScale with @franklinleonard, the founder of @theblcklst.

Talking with @franklinleonard reminds me of the classic @ApplePodcasts (Apple) ads of "think different" -- and where thinking different is both creative and massive differential edge.

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Cool company with strong traction, and a mission to help underserved parts of the world. Michael Faye

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And additionally all of the magic that the Masters of Scale team adds!

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As a young Hollywood exec, @FranklinLeonard asked: Why are good scripts so very hard to find? The brilliant way he solved that problem has grown into a platform to find talent at scale. We talk @theblcklst on @MastersofScale:

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Quoted @dangillmor

It's finally dawning on a lot of smart people that the misinformation crisis isn't only about supply, but equally about demand. Yet there's still nowhere near enough support for the programs -- generically called media literacy -- that are trying to address the demand side.

Well said Dan.

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Quoted @chrislhayes

There was a full national freakout because Bill Clinton had a convo on the plane with the AG and now we've got the President, and multiple senators putting on a full court press to get a Republican election official to basically throw out the results of a race they lost!

It's funny how liars so often accuse others of lying; I have had that thought on "stealing the election." (Really: from the sitting president? Is that a claim to extreme weakness?)

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A key principle of entrepreneuring.

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Quoted @chrisyeh

In honor of Alex Trebek: "This program at Stanford University counts Reid Hoffman, Rock Khanna, and Chris Yeh among its alumni." And the question is, "What is Structured Liberal Education?"

SLE is why I went to Stanford!

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Quoted @adamnash

Good interview with @reidhoffman, talking about tech regulation and preparing for even more tech giants in the next 5 years.

Competition is growing, not shrinking. Important to track for healthy ecosystem governance.

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Quoted @gretel_ai

Gretel makes your datasets provably #private, so you can build faster and better. Don’t talk to our sales team, because we don’t have one - sign up for our product for free (link in bio) and get building!
#syntheticdata #python #opensource

Typing better - human moments! Making data safe and easy to share within an enterprise unlocks its potential. Excited by what @gretel_ai is creating here, and leading industry transformation. Worth a second tweet. 😀

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Quoted @OpptyatWork

It takes 2 MINS! Help send @OpptyatWork to #SXSW2021 by voting today!

We have a great panel on unlocking economic mobility for STARs with @byron_auguste, @LisaGevelber, #GrowwithGoogle, & @SteveLohr, @nytimes.

I just did my vote! STARs are the future.

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Making data safe and easy to share within an enterprise unlocks its potential. Excited by what @gretal_ai is creating here, and leading industry transformation.

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New America’s Fellows Program is looking for journalists, scholars, filmmakers, and public policy analysts committed to generating conversations about the most pressing issues of our day.

Sound like you or someone you know?

Deadline to apply is 2/1/21:

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Quoted @matthewclifford

What a sentence! We don’t talk enough about this side of science when we educate young people on their career choices: its raw power, impact and potential for good 👏👏👏

And this is the sort of amazing work we should celebrate.

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Quoted @jonfortt

"I won the election" or "I won Pennsylvania" isn't an opinion. It's a lie.

And it's a lie that reflects a complete disregard for American democracy and rule of law.

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Tweets like reflect (a) incompetence (wait - I didn't mean to promote violence, (b) stupidity (I have no idea what I'm doing), or (c) evil (let's create violence and de-stabilization.) In short - bad, just which version.

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Quoted @GreylockVC

On the eve of #Election2020, we're living in an increasingly politicized world. How should business leaders think about speaking out about political issues? @reidhoffman shares his thoughts on the topic in #greymatter

I have been speaking out about why a vote for business is a vote for Biden. However, I also think that its important for business leaders to lead on politics, including (what should be) non partisan issues in counting every vote, election legitimacy and patience, and rule of law

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