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“I put my emotions behind me to do what I thought was right,” said Jackson Reffitt, who weeks before the Capitol siege alerted the FBI that his father was planning “something big.”

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“What’s the sense of having a living will if it’s not honored?”

More Americans are writing end-of-life instructions as the pandemic renders such decisions less abstract. But are medical providers listening?

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President Biden plans to ban travel by non-citizens into the U.S. from South Africa to curb the spread of a coronavirus variant.

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Analysis: Vladimir Putin remains in firm control of the levers of power. But Russians unhappy with their president suddenly have a clear leader around whom to rally, and the government appears unsure about how to fight back.

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Coronavirus precautions have made it harder for people to spend time with friends and family. For some, neighbors are filling the gap.

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Pet adoptions set a record in the U.S. early in the pandemic, but now millions of animals could be in danger of being abandoned or returned to shelters.

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4. A cave complex at a temple in Thailand has long drawn tourists, pilgrims and guano collectors. Now, scientists have arrived, looking for any potential links to the coronavirus.

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3. For every four climbers who reach K2's summit, one dies. A group of Nepalese climbers summited the second-tallest mountain in the world, never before conquered in winter.

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2. Over nearly a decade, Jonathan Petropoulos met dozens of times with a man who helped the Nazis loot Jewish art collections, a complicated relationship he explores in “Göring’s Man in Paris.”

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These long reads are perfect for a cozy, Sunday afternoon ☕️

1. Astronomers are searching the cosmic lost-and-found for one of the biggest, baddest black holes thought to exist. So far they haven’t found it.

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Two weeks after an explosion left a group of miners trapped 2,000 feet below ground in the eastern Chinese province of Shandong, at least 11 were found alive and lifted to the surface on Sunday.

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Think you followed the headlines this week? Test your knowledge with this week's ✨news quiz.✨

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George Armstrong, who led Toronto to four Stanley Cup titles, has died at 90. He was the first player of Indigenous descent to score in the NHL.

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Britain’s disclosure that the new variant of the coronavirus could be deadlier — without conclusive evidence — has sparked outrage. But there is little debate over its impact: It has silenced those who called for life to go back to normal any time soon.

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Some Covid-19 patients could be living with the aftereffects for years to come. Recent research into another persistent, mysterious disease might help us understand how to treat them.

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“Clouds are not something to moan about. They are, in fact, the most dynamic, evocative and poetic aspect of nature.” Go inside the Cloud Appreciation Society. Listen to @jmooallem’s narrated story on The Sunday Read and on @audmapp.

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With Americans desperately searching for ways to get a Covid-19 vaccine, one lawmaker wants to punish those who cut in line.

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Replying to @JessGrose: 1. Parents are living through a grand digital experiment with our kids. While no one asked for this, it's our reality and th…

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1. Parents are living through a grand digital experiment with our kids. While no one asked for this, it's our reality and there are concrete upsides — our kids are using tech to connect and be creative in ways they may not have otherwise. My column:

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