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Running to reimagine NYC, so we can all live here with dignity. Tweets by staff signed, Team Maya. She/Her

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Hate & violence are real and like so many women, particularly Black women, who have lifted me up and so many others I must lift up, I promise that I won’t let ANY threat silence me.

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Yesterday was historic and largely made possible by the work of Black women. If you're feeling inspired by the progress we've made, make an investment in how far we can still go: @MayaWiley @NinaTurner @Tishaura @JCarrollFoy

Inspired by Pres Biden inauguration speech: “We have a woman Vice President so don’t tell me we can’t make change!” EXACTLY! We stand on the mighty shoulders of Shirley Chisolm & now VP Harris! So join me in making change a reality in NYC! Please give 👉🏽

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Thanks to Pres. Biden executive orders, NYC’s 30,000 Dreamers & over 25,000 residents born in Muslim countries suffering from the Muslim ban can breathe a bit easier. As Mayor, I will protect all our neighbors from hate & fear!

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Well composed. Great wall treatment. Art. Shapes. Maybe add a plant. 9/10 @mayawiley


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Day 1: America is under new management.

Here tonight:



I’m so happy to have some time to share this moment, this history, with all of you and with @BWilliams. See you at 11:15 p’ EDT.

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As we welcome President @JoeBiden
+ VP @KamalaHarris,
we’re committed to justice.
231,000 women are incarcerated in the U.S.
We’re calling on this administration to
grant clemency to
100 women
in these 1st
100 days.

And something else I hope #BidenHarris do for women - bringing home 100 women in 100 days! #ClemencyWorks

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THIS! #BidenHarris bringing back the Gender Policy Council since women are bearing the brunt of this crisis. Proud of my dear friend Jen Klein & NYC’s own Julissa Reynoso!: “White House Plans to ‘Restore America as a Champion for Women and Girls’”

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“Teach us oh God to live in [this country], to love in it, to reconcile in it, unless we miss glory’s gold!”-Rev Dr Silvester Beaman AMEN! #BidenHarrisInauguration

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Amanda Gorman - “Even as we grieved we grew.” We grieve still. “Being American is more than the pride we inherit” & some of it is a twisted & ugly thing we must face down. We raise our voices to the possibilities of unity, while we demand justice.Together #BidenHarrisInauguration

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Amanda Gorman as the Youth Poet Laureate “we’ve learned that quiet isn’t always peace.” And peace requires our voices. Important and beautifully delivered message. #BidenHarrisInauguration

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Garth Brooks beautiful rendition of the song that carries us all. And we should remember that it it was written by a former slaver whose “grace” was to “see” the sin of slavery and repent his sins. #AmazingGrace #BidenHarrisInauguration

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President Biden’s speech focused on this country’s original & continuing sins & the very real possibilities ahead to become just, which is the central meaning of hope. My whole soul is in this too! -“Becoming the people & the nation we must be.” #Believe #BidenHarrisInauguration

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Consider that we needed to hear the 46th POTUS committing to truth, the rule if lae and protecting the Constitution. #BidenHarrisInauguration

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We have the first woman vice President so “DON’T TELL ME THINGS CAN’T CHANGE!” #BidenHarrisInauguration

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“Unity. Unity. In another January...Abraham Lincoln signed the emancipation proclamation...[and said his] whole soul is in it...My whole soul is in it.” President Joseph Biden. #BidenHarrisInauguration

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“We have much to do in this winter of peril and if much possibility...The dream of justice will be deferred no longer.” President Joseph Biden sums it up perfectly. #BidenHarrisInauguration

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“I thank my predeceasors of both parties for being here”...because Trump is a disgrace and presence has become a symbolic act beyond it’s usual meaning. #BidenHarrisInauguration

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“This is America’s day. This is democracy’s day!..Today we celebrate a triumph NOT of a candidate, but of a CAUSE.” - President Joseph Biden #DemocracyHasPrevailes

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I'm on the move, and I'm running to be the next Mayor of New York City. Join me >>

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