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We’re here for anyone affected by terminal illness, and to help everyone plan and talk about the end of life. Get support: 0800 0902309 Mon-Fri 8-6 / Sat 11-5

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"We don’t know what lies ahead so make the most of the time we have now, don’t put things off, make the most of every day.” - Gillian, bereavement services coordinator, Glasgow #BlueMonday

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“In an increasingly busy life we can get too carried away with being everything to everyone. It’s important to take some time out to recharge and reflect on the world around us." - Nurse Sarah, Cardiff #BlueMonday

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Quoted @BBCPolitics

Labour urges PM to give families a "helping hand" ahead of Universal Credit vote in the Commons

As many as 60% of families affected by terminal illness rely on benefits as their main source of income. It is the wrong time to consider ending the #UniversalCredit uplift when the pandemic is not yet over and families will continue to rely on it for much of 2021.

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The same goes for anyone. Remember, it's ok not to be ok.

Our Support Line is here if you want to talk:

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"Embrace the important things in life. Not just friends and family, but nature, closeness, love, understanding and compassion, too.” - Nurse Kim, West Midlands #BlueMonday

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This #BlueMonday, we're sharing some inspirational words from our nurses...

"Always appreciate the little things because when they are taken off you, you realise that they were actually the big things.” - Nurse Lisa, Cardiff

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Whatever day it is, whenever you need us, we’re here: #BlueMonday

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This beautiful poem is taken from @MargaretAtwood's new poetry collection, which explores her life caring for her husband with dementia and the many feelings that come along with grief. Read more:

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"2020 was quite a year. I'm just hoping that now I can start focusing on my new cancer treatment. Despite the current lockdown, I'm determined to stay positive. I do believe there's usually always something better waiting around the corner." - Liz:

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"When my beloved grandmother died, I was pregnant. This meant I was unable to help my family care for her in those final days and weeks. It was heart-breaking, but honouring her memory meant upholding the traditions that meant so much to her." - Sonia:

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"This was the perfect day to return him: to where we scattered mum’s ashes; to the place that gave hope, strength and inspiration; to the timeless ancestral home."

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Beautiful new @Pixar film 'Soul' encourages us to make the most of the small joys in life. Here are some of our favourite quotes about life and death from the movie: #PixarSoul

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"In the midst of a pandemic peak, staff made sure my dad saw my mum for what is likely the last time." - Chloe

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"We’re thinking of our colleagues in the NHS, especially in ICU right now, and sending much support. Here at Marie Curie we’re all doing our bit to get through. Our nurses are out and about supporting dying people at home. We’re here for you." - Nurse Mairead, Rapid Response Team

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“There are a number of unique challenges with grief at the moment. Lockdowns and restrictions mean lots of people are not able to lean on their usual support networks.” - Angharad

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"Are you waiting for me to die?" - Donna, living with terminal cancer, has had to fight to get the benefits she needs.

This shouldn't be happening. The @DWP must publish its review of the benefits system for terminally ill people, urgently. #Scrap6months

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"Dying people don’t have time to be rejected for blue badge parking permits."

Read more on the shocking results of a recent study:

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All four UK nations allow travelling to visit someone who is nearing the end of life. For accurate information on current Government rules in your area visit:

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Quoted @BBCWalesNews

'I want to see my mother again - she could be dead next month'

Current guidance in Wales is clear that visits to care homes are permitted on compassionate grounds, and with permission from the care home.

Whilst it's vital that we stay at home to protect others sometimes it's important to visit vulnerable people inc those at end of life.

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