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Lead Magician (and CEO) at Box (@box); Huge ABBA fan. I don't fully endorse anything I say below. Go ☁

Palo Alto

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Most enterprises focused 2020 on remaining resilient and shifting work to remote. Now in 2021 every conversation I’m having with customers is how their business models change because of digital. Powering this is the big opportunity in enterprise software now.

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Did you know? When @levie was pitching @box to investors, he sent a fax...literally a fax to @Microsoft founder @BillGates. Find out what happens next here:

Yes, this is how old I am.

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If you want to know what a memorable experience looks like, @levie just had a piece of cheesecake delivered to me in <45 minutes because of a tweet.

I can’t guarantee cheesecake for all Box customers (the lawyers won’t let me), but if there’s anything I can do on the product front please let me know!

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Listen to your customers. Constantly. The answers are always in there somewhere.

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Great pick! Congrats @JRosenworcel

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Everyone talks about entrepreneurs taking risks. The bigger risk takers are customers that make early bets on new software. None of what we do would be possible without amazing customers that are willing to change the status quo.

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Incredible opportunity now for a new era in this country. Congrats to Biden and Harris. Let’s go 🇺🇸🚀!

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We need a social network where everyone is banned by default and you just have to be really nice to people and then you get unbanned.

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Jeff Bezos is once again the world’s richest person after a rollercoaster week: by @lisettevoytko

Phew. Things were getting dicey for a moment there.

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Often the most important part of startup success is early business model disruption. When Box started, enterprises were buying software, security and storage separately. Our play was to deliver it all together, with no limits. That mattered more than any other decision we made.

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BREAKING: Biden to deploy FEMA, National Guard to set up Covid vaccine clinics across the U.S.

This is how it’s supposed to work. 👏

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Replying to @Box: Introducing Box for Google Workspace Essentials! Now, organizations who use Google Workspace collaboration and communication solut…

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Introducing Box for Google Workspace Essentials! Now, organizations who use Google Workspace collaboration and communication solutions will be able to access their Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides directly in Box.

Learn more 👉

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Stefan Thomas has two guesses left to figure out a password that is worth about $220 million. He is one of the many people who are locked out of their Bitcoin fortunes, with an estimated $140 billion in lost or otherwise stranded digital wallets.

Best argument yet for making 12345678 your crypto password

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Imagine being CES right now. There’s an insurrection happening, tech is going through the greatest drama in its history, and you just want to demo new virtual reality goggles.

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We’re not watching “censorship” we’re watching an open source, free market approach to safety measures on the web.

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Founding fathers: you should be able to stand in a town square and say whatever you want to 30-50 people.

Internet: let’s have billions of people get wrong information instantly.

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“Government is inefficient we should let the private markets compete instead.”

“I don’t like it when private companies decide to do the things they want.”

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Trump off Twitter will directly add at least 2% to GDP.

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Biden’s first order of business needs to be to immediately solve vaccine logistics in the country and scale up distribution ASAP.

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