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I sing & write sometimes, coach on @nbcthevoice sometimes. I say things others think I shouldn’t say sometimes. I host the @KellyClarksonTV all the time.


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"The time is always right to do what is right..." - Martin Luther King, Jr. ❤️ Happy #MLKDay

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This performance by @pledis_17 was EVERYTHING!!! So so good. #Seventeen_KellyClarksonShow #SEVENTEENxKELLY

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[17'S] Thank you so much @KellyClarksonTV for having us ! 😉  


Thank y'all for stopping by @KellyClarksonTV!! Come back anytime 😘 #Seventeen_KellyClarksonShow #SEVENTEENxKELLY @pledis_17

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The news is finally out, y'all! My collaboration with @JakeHootMusic is coming January 27th. Get ready... 🎶❤️ #IWouldveLovedYou

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Replying to @THEBLUEHAMHAM: 小さなハンドベル奏者

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Love this and ♥️ you @kellyclarkson!

Girl! I love this song... and you!!! 😍😍

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Replying to @KellyClarksonTV: Celebrating #ChicagoHour with this CHICAGO classic 🎶 #Kellyoke

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Throwback to 2020... where nothing seemed to go right... even on @KellyClarksonTV! 🤣🤣🤣 Check out these bloopers from last year. #FBF

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Celebrating #ChicagoHour with this CHICAGO classic 🎶 #Kellyoke

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It's a New Year and we're doing it right at @KellyClarksonTV! 🥳 Make sure to tune in to the first episode of 2021 tomorrow. #KellyClarksonShow

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Wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! 🎄❤️ Hope y'all get to enjoy some time with loved ones #UnderTheMistletoe today 😘😜

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Merry Christmas, everyone. Join me right now as I connect with the team at Apple Music Hits. They’re playing holiday favorites, including my song Underneath The Tree. Open @AppleMusic, tap Radio, and select Hits to listen:

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Replying to @KellyClarksonTV: 🎶 Christmastime is near 🎶 Cozy up by the fire and relive these super sweet holiday moments 💗


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I think y'all are gonna love the final giveaway in the Kelly Christmas Countdown! 🤩 Head to
now to enter Day 12 to win tickets to @KellyClarksonTV!

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It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas... 🎄😍 The countdown is on! Just a couple more days until Christmas! Y'all ready!? #Kellyoke @KellyClarksonTV

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There's just ✌🏻 days left in the Kelly Christmas Countdown! Enter Day 11 right now at .

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Hey y’all! Go listen to my song #UnderTheMistletoe on Apple Music’s Essential Christmas playlist!! Happy holidays @AppleMusic!

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🎶 Christmastime is near 🎶 Cozy up by the fire and relive these super sweet holiday moments 💗



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DeSz!! Girl, you SAAAAAANG your face off at the #VoiceFinale last week! It was an honor to join you on stage to sing some @ChakaKhan!! 😍😘 So much talent this season! Can't believe it's over already. ❤️😭 I'll see y'all next year for Season 20! #TheVoice #TeamKelly

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This swag bag is gonna be filled with so many awesome items! I think y'all will enjoy it... and one lucky person has the chance to win this prize! Enter now for Day 10 of the Kelly Christmas Countdown at .

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I dare each and every one of you to choose love…and to go listen to my multilingual project! What a dream come true to be able to share this with you. #idareyou is OUT NOW!

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