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⚠️Stop scrolling, start reading!⚠️

Presenting #Darlings in association with @eternalsunprod, starring @aliaa08, @ShefaliShah_, @MrVijayVarma and @roshanmathew22.

Directed by @djasmeet and produced by @gaurikhan, @aliaa08 & @_GauravVerma.

@iamsrk @VenkyMysore

Life is tough Darlings, but so are you....both!
Unleashing our #Darlings onto the world....Caution is advisable.
PS : yeh comedy thodi dark hai...

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I always look forward to your work as an actor ‘little one’. And this one seems extremely special....and Gangsta!!! All my love and wishes for the film. @aliaa08

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Find celebrating ‘X’ number of yrs of a film on social media repetitive , as its become more like a yearly birthday wish rather than a milestone. But just saw #11YearsOfMyNameIsKhan and felt like saying, I think everybody involved with the film did a very fine job of it.

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My Mike Tyson ❤️

Arre yaar!!! Where was I ???

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As long as there is pink in the world, it will always be a better place...

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What an absolutely marvellous victory for our team!!! Stayed up all night to watch it unfold ball by ball. Now will sleep peacefully for a bit and savour this historic moment. Love to all our boys and greatly admire their resilience to power us through to this win. Chak De India!

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To the most affable gentleman in our set-up 🥂

Happiest birthday to our very own #JayMehta! May this year reap unbridled joy, success, and good health 🥳

#KKR #HappyBirthdayJayMehta

Happy Birthday to Jaybhai and all our love to him....but I am not affable or what??!!!

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Replying to @KKRiders: To the most affable gentleman in our set-up 🥂

Happiest birthday to our very own #JayMehta! May this year reap unbridled joy,…

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Here's wishing you all a safe, happy and prosperous 2021...

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Quoted @gaurikhan

I am thrilled to be a part of the AD100 list, and to receive this trophy! Thank you @ArchDigestIndia

#AD100 #ADIndia #gaurikhandesigns #gkd

Chalo ghar mein kisi ko toh award mil rahein hain!!!

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Here’s wishing the Birthday a very Happy Rajinikanth!!! Marking another year of superhuman-ness from the one and only Thalaiva!! Health and happiness to you always @rajinikanth sir... Love you very much!

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Quoted @SatyendarJain

We are extremely thankful to Sh. @iamsrk and @MeerFoundation for donating 500 Remdesivir injections at a time when it was needed the most.

we are much obliged for the support extended by you during the time of crisis.

Thank you @SatyendarJain ji for the appreciation towards @MeerFoundation. This crisis will be overcome only if we continue to maintain a united front. My team and I are available to help in the future as well. Thank you to your team for all their service.

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To the one and only, who amazed and inspired the world by just being himself. Wishing the legendary @TheDilipKumar a Happy Birthday. I cherish & remember every time we’ve met in vivid detail & you have always loved me like your own. Love you tooo much.Have a good one Dilip Sahib.

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Quoted @RedChilliesEnt

It’s a wrap on a very special film! #BobBiswas will 👓 you soon.

@juniorbachchan @ghosh09 @sujoy_g @_GauravVerma #BoundScriptProduction

How wonderful. Thank you all for being so professional and getting the job done even in these testing times. Lots of love and luck to all of you.

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Quoted @MeerFoundation

Children turned to digital entertainment during the lockdown so, Nirjuli from Arunachal Pradesh set up a street-corner library in her district to encourage reading, an initiative that impacted many children #MeerFoundation applauds her efforts. #ToGETherStronger

“Today a reader, tomorrow a leader.” – Margaret Fuller. Well done and may you multiply the breed of young readers

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Diego made football even more beautiful. You will be sorely missed and may you entertain and enthral heaven as you did this world. RIP....

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Happy Diwali to one and all... may the beauty of this festival fill every heart with happiness and love. May all your troubles be overcome and let's pray that this Diwali sets the tone for a brighter, happier life ahead.

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It’s nice to see myself on the biggest and tallest screen in the world. My friend @mohamed_alabbar has me on the biggest screen even before my next film. Thanks & love u all @BurjKhalifa & @EmaarDubai. Being my own guest in Dubai... my kids mighty impressed and me is loving it!

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Thank you all... hope to see you soon again. Stay safe... Love always!

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