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Replying to @LukeMones: roommate who you think might actually be two kids in a trench coat

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roommate who you think might actually be two kids in a trench coat

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realized this summer will be a cicada year dnt txt

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The tiktok algo knows me so well, it’ll give me random videos unrelated to music but I’ll click on the person who posted it and they just so happen to be in a band that makes songs in my music taste idk this has happened like 3 or 4 times at this point

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They put an industrial dehumidifier in my apartment so the leaky roof doesn’t mold and that’s great and I’m 100% on board except it’s been going for 30 hours and now I feel like this

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The only skeletons in my closet are the many pairs of business flats I’ve acquired over the years that I fully never intend to wear again but I’ll keep around “just in case”

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Replying to @carazelaya: much to think about

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much to think about

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It should be illegal to schedule sports games to start at 9pm

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Quoted @jimmyfallon

...@TheRock at 15 ➡️ Me at 15

The Rock at 15 ➡️ me (at hard rock) at 15

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watching the princess bride and.....

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Replying to @aclitalien: basically all of #bachelor nation right now.

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basically all of #bachelor nation right now.

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Justice for Abigail #TheBachelor

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How is it cold enough for my pipes to freeze but warm enough for my roof to leak

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Yeah I got a hotel room on Valentine’s Day 😏😏😏

It’s because my pipes froze and they turned my water off 💘💞

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I was planning to be so productive today but then my pipes froze and my ceiling started leaking 💕✨

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I feel like people should be doing less praising of the 7 republican senators because all they did was vote based on facts like an actual impartial jury should do

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I’m... im just.. so confused

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Kids these days wouldn’t understand

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Replying to @louisejonesetc: february 2020 february 2021

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february 2020 february 2021

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They say the key to a healthy diet is variety. So yesterday I had penne, today I'll have rigatoni, tomorrow I'll have fettuccine, and the day after that I'll have bowties

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