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Replying to @TJMckenna_: Lukaku & his Inter Milan Teammates storming the AC Milan dressing room after the game

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Lukaku & his Inter Milan Teammates storming the AC Milan dressing room after the game

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Replying to @Billie_T: Tanguy hates goths, love to see it

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Tanguy hates goths, love to see it

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When you’ve got Spurs (h) at 7.45....

but Guns’n’Roses (a) at 10.00. #FACup #WYCTOT

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Some great names in that squad. Dream come true going down to the Lane most weekends to watch them. @LedleyKing @DarrenAnderton @Christian_Ziege @diegopoyet7 #Sheringham #Ferdinand #Carr #Davies

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Great memories of Adams Park as a kid.

2001 pre season friendly which we won 2-1 thanks to Teddy and Iversen.

Met @GlennHoddle and all the players after the game. Went into school and wouldn’t shut up about it for weeks after ⚽️🙌🏼 #SirLes #COYS #THFC

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Back to the Championship you go...

#CFC #FatFrank

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Quoted @SkySportsPL

"After the first weekend I was worried - I am still worried" 🤔

Jose Mourinho praises the job Frank Lampard has done at Chelsea - but is worried about their performances in big games this season

Replying to @morriskid: Jose is still worried 😂😂😂

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Spot the difference.... #FACup #CHELUT

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Are we allowed to critically analyse Karen Carney’s commentary skills?

Because they are absolutely fucking dreadful. #CHELUT

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Can you blame #Kepa!?

If I was in goal for those lot, I’d be chucking it in left right and centre as well. #FACup #CHELUT

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Liverpool have had their one off premier league title win. They have joined that elite list...

The way the media has gone on about them the last 2/3 years, you’d think they were the greatest premier league team of all time.

Well done Burnley Football Club. #LFC

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Quoted @BlauerTHFC

Good morning

We are so cursed against the scousers it’s painful 😩😒

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Fulham (a) is one of the away days I miss the most atm. Piss up in the Eight Bells and then a drunken walk down the Thames to Craven Cottage.

Kane’s hat trick in the FA Cup tie in 2017 was a perfect day out. ☀️🍻🇮🇱⚽️

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Listening to Steve McManaman on commentary like...


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Captaining De Bruyne for this double game week has proved a terrible decision 🙃🙃🙃 @OfficialFPL #FPL

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Replying to @honigstein: Is that... Barry from Eastenders?

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Quoted @AndyHa_

Inspirational. #InaugurationDay

Is that... Barry from Eastenders?

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Let’s hope for many more to come 🤝🤝🤝 #Rentboys

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In celebration of Chelsea signing yet more Premier League flops in Werner, Ziyech &’s more evidence of the #CFC transfer curse.


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Jose is still worried 😂😂😂

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