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.@TheWarOnDrugs perform "Arms Like Boulders" on A Late Show! #LSSC

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.@alexwagner explains how the president's base lives in an alt-reality. #LSSC

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.@jheil brought cameras to the Capitol and said it was 'heartbreaking' to see the insurrection up close. #LSSC

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White House movers had an awkward moment when they thought this was a taxidermy version of Wilbur Ross. #LSSC

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- The president wants a major send-off before he leaves the White House
- @StephenAtHome saw the sea shanty craze coming #Quarantinewhile
- @SHO_TheCircus discuss D.C. security concerns
- PLUS music from @TheWarOnDrugs
- Watch the Full Episode here:

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Humility from a president is so refreshing, goodnight! #LSSC

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.@TheWarOnDrugs present to you their classic “Arms Like Boulders” #LSSC

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.@jheil is worried that political violence might become a routine thing in our lives. #LSSC

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.@alexwagner and @mmckinnon discuss how the riot at the Capitol will change the Washington D.C. experience. #LSSC

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A new sea shanty, courtesy of @StephenAtHome #TikTok

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Some Democrats in Congress are worried their colleagues might kill them so it’s time to play a new Murder Mystery game. #LSSC

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White House movers tried to wheel out this taxidermied Wilbur Ross, until they realized he just looks like that. #LSSC

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We have a special guest joining us in 5 minutes! #LSSC

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Tune in tonight for a performance by @TheWarOnDrugs! #LSSC

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On #LSSC tonight: Coney Island is now open for vaccinations.

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Tonight @SHO_TheCircus brings us tons of info from the hosts @jheil, @mmckinnon & @alexwagner! #LSSC

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TONIGHT: Stephen is joined by the co-hosts of @SHO_TheCircus, @jheil, @mmckinnon, and @alexwagner. Then a musical performance from @TheWarOnDrugs! #LSSC

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Replying to @StephenAtHome: 2021: Year of the Sea Shanty

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Watch this performance of "Can't Wait to be Dead" by @finneas on A Late Show! #LSSC

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Quoted @EKingstonBooks

Treat yerselves to a seachanty

2021: Year of the Sea Shanty

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