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But I keep prayin' for the day… #BibleVerses

Watch the lyric video on Facebook:

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Your 2021 Citi Music Series Summer Lineup includes … ME! Ready to perform some new music on the @TODAYshow this summer! #BlakeSheltonTODAY

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Need some tunes to get you through the week?! Check out the #BodyLanguage playlist on @Spotify! -Team BS

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The most important battle of them all... who y’all got? -Team BS

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Don't miss the first live show on @NBCTheVoice next Monday!! #TheVoice

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Y'all turn on @NBCTheVoice NOW to look back on some of the best moments from the past 10 years! #TheVoice #TeamBlake

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Do y'all think I should bring back the waders for next season? 🤔 #TeamBlake #TheVoice

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Practice makes perfect! Y'all tune in to a special episode of @NBCTheVoice tonight to take a walk down memory lane! #TheVoice

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I think it’s lake season! Meet y’all at party cove … I’ll be the one in the speedo. Can’t miss it. #FridayFeeling

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Oh hey there @amazon!!!! Get ready to shop merch on !!!

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We’ve heard it and you don’t want to miss out on this one! Pre-order Blake’s upcoming album #BodyLanguage today! -Team BS

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Reflecting on 20 years of #Austin...

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Hey @gmfb... Steve Keim just sent me this. His friend made it for him for this big day. Notice I’m in the shrine! We DID collaborate on Kyler and JJ but tonight prepare to have your minds blown... it’s #keimtime

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Still looking for a gift for #MothersDay? We’re offering a special gift this week with purchase! - Team BS

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Backroads are the best roads!!! Y’all listen to #BibleVerses on @pandoramusic's "Backroads"!!!!

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Well look at that! Thank you for making me the cover of your “Country Waves” playlist! Stream #BibleVerses on @TIDAL!  

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The moment #Austin went # 1...

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Y’all go vote for @emma_caroline!!!!!! The results will be announced on Mon. 5/10! #TeamBlake #TheVoice

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Glad I waited to use my steal on @annagfmusic! You’re welcome @KellyClarkson! #TeamBlake #TheVoice

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Pre-order my upcoming album #BodyLanguage NOW and you can instantly stream #BibleVerses! This one is really really special to me and I can’t wait for y’all to hear it!!!

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