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Bill and Oti want to thank all of you that supported and voted for them, and thank to you to everybody who watched with us this year. 💖 #StrictlyFinal

@BillBailey @OtiMabuse

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In a year like 2020, Bill and Oti's #Strictly win is so special for so many reasons. Huge congrats @BillBailey and to @OtiMabuse for your second Glitterball trophy in a row! 👏🤩 #StrictlyFinal

 25,941  577  1,646  Download

THEY'VE DONE IT! Bill and Oti are your #Strictly 2020 champions! 🏆

@BillBailey @OtiMabuse #StrictlyFinal

 48,737  1,926  3,829  Download

Thank you to the Class of 2020 for bringing us all the #Strictly magic when we needed it most. ✨ #StrictlyFinal

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Who doesn't love a bit of Christmas cheer, especially when it comes from the one and only @robbiewilliams? 🎄 #StrictlyFinal

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The power in this partnership. 💪🔥 We're Feeling Good to have Nicola and Katya back in the Ballroom for an extra special last dance. #StrictlyFinal

@NicolaAdamsOBE @Mrs_katjones

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Smiling? We're absolutely beaming at Maisie and Gorka's classy Quickstep! 🤩 #StrictlyFinal

@maisie_smith_ @gorkamarquez1

 2,883  145  163  Download

We've been waiting all series to see this routine again. 🙌 So cool, so smooth, so Bill and Oti.

@BillBailey @OtiMabuse #StrictlyFinal

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Hands up if you've been trying to master this move since Week Four. 👀 #StrictlyFinal

 5,007  136  262  Download

Everybody dance now! 🎶 Dripping in dance once again, Jamie and Karen always bring the party. #StrictlyFinal

@JamieLaing_UK @karen_hauer

 1,101  78  81  Download

Nothing short of sensational once again. HRVY and Janette really are a dazzling dancing duo. ✨ #StrictlyFinal

@HRVY @JManrara

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It's a 10 from us just for HRVY and Janette's iconic outfits. 🤩 #StrictlyFinal

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All the festive feels. Maisie and Gorka's A-MAZ-ING Showdance is the best early Christmas gift we could ask for! 🎁 #StrictlyFinal

@maisie_smith_ @gorkamarquez1

 3,981  207  230  Download

Fireworks, flying and an epic guitar solo. ⚡️😲 Bill and Oti delivered all the drama an iconic #Strictly Showdance needs.

@BillBailey @OtiMabuse #StrictlyFinal

 6,203  306  482  Download

They're Still Standing! Jamie and Karen couldn't have picked a better tune for their incredible Showdance. 💪 #StrictlyFinal

@JamieLaing_UK @karen_hauer

 813  87  73  Download

What a WOW moment. HRVY and Janette put everything they've got into that spectacular Showdance. ✨ #StrictlyFinal

@HRVY @JManrara

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The energy Maisie and Gorka brought to the Ballroom, perfectly captured in one gif:

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The #StrictlyFinal vote is now open! Vote for free at or call the numbers below 👇

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