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Correction 13 days until I graduate I can’t count for nothing

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12 or 11 days until I graduate

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Like what was the logic on lightning the bathroom on fire weird

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Not them doing senior prank at my school and folks getting suspended pls half the class is suspended from graduation

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“ you can only find one of me “ baby I can find plenty of it won’t take me long know that

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How much do I have to pay for a karb ig live

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Ikyfl if they break up again he is going to sue her this time for real

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It’s her pulling out my black crops from my closet and asking how many more do I need

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It’s my mom asking me how many black crop tops do I need like pls I need a variety

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Officially my last week of high school ever crazy

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One thing about @aaliciahhh and I we can agree when we dislike someone bc phew oof is aggy I can’t take it

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And he thought he ate this up isn’t he suppose to be in jail with his brother like ...

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I wanna come to Canada when y’all opening up

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The way aaryn from bb15 has a platform makes me sick

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Replying to @_onlyaisha: Opening twitter and seeing the Dearra and Ken tweets

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Wait they all doing lives one at a bit I need a notebook to write all this tea down bc they played survivor on him I’m cackling

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I hate when people say you don’t know the half of it well step up to the mic and tell us

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Why bc why is she posting it up on Tik tok baby worry about coming up with a good apology to the people you offended and stop pushing it past like nothing happened

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Opening twitter and seeing the Dearra and Ken tweets

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