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In an effort to stay competitive and maintain its status as a social media heavyweight, Instagram is leaning into ‘collab culture’ with its expanded Live Rooms feature.

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We've updated our buying guide to add new trackers like the Amazon Halo.

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It's hard to automatically detect context and nuance.

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Only @Marvel can pull this off. #SpiderManNoWayHome

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The shutdowns have stopped friends and families from communicating, but more perniciously than that, it has added to the sense of fear in Myanmar. (via @wireduk UK)

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Is this picture of Theodore Roosevelt riding a moose an old-time-y fraud? Follow us down a rabbit hole of digitization, historical memory, fake news, and questions about how and why we share things at all. (from 2020)

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In her memoir, The Empathy Diaries, computer researcher Sherry Turkle offers a cogent, at times painful account of the personal experiences that shaped her professional ideas.

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While the seeds of the genre existed in scattered corners of YouTube for a time, lo-fi hip-hop began to formally bubble in 2016 and has since pollinated outward.

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Equipped with Apple's M1 processor, the latest Macbook Air is a force to be reckoned with. In addition to being light, slim, and absolutely silent, its battery will last you from dawn until dusk

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Replying to @caitlin__kelly: Instagram launches Live Rooms—rolling out globally today, now up to four people (up from two) can stream together live.…

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Instagram launches Live Rooms—rolling out globally today, now up to four people (up from two) can stream together live. So get ready for more of that on your feed! @pardesoteric has the deets:

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Understanding how viruses evolve inside us—and how they change the ways they get from one person to the next—will define the next phase of the pandemic.

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Exclusive: It's another gold mine of research for people looking at militias, neo-Nazis, the far-right, QAnon, and everything surrounding January 6th.

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Opinion: A permanent ban would affirm Facebook’s responsibility to protect democracies around the world.

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Pro tip: Do not linger. Also, do not try to escape by sea

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The platform's security concerns run the gamut from vulnerabilities to questions about the app's underlying infrastructure

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“It just floated off somewhere, and none of us could find it.”

Spoiler alert: They did find it. And the tale of its recovery is epic

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Andrew Finch heard a noise outside his house. He opened the front door. A few seconds later he was shot dead by police.

This is the story of the call that lead to his death—and how an online gaming prank went horribly awry:

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The value of genderless pronouns is not in mere political correctness. They can give people new, more inclusive ways of seeing the world

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