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The Fielding School is one of the nation’s foremost schools of public health and offers students training in one of the most diverse cities in the U.S.

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FSPH Profs. Christina Ramirez and Dr. Marc Suchard have developed a method to better guide public policy related to the control and prevention of COVID-19, based on identifying those most at risk.

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12/9 | Join @ucla, @Sydney_Uni, @NUSingapore and @PKU1898 for the @APRU1997 webinar, “Collaborating in Crisis: Academic-Governmental Partnerships During #COVID19.” #UCLAFSPH’s Prof. Alina Dorian will serve as a featured speaker. 

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New research from FSPH Professor Frederick Zimmerman finds that schooling disrupted by the pandemic in the U.S. is likely to have life-long impact.

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We must "urge the Biden Transition Team to counter and reverse adverse human health impacts of climate heating" - Dr. Dick Jackson

You could say we're proud to have him on our team.

In an #oped published in @EnvirHealthNews, #UCLAFSPH’s Dr. Dick Jackson addresses President-elect Joe Biden’s #climatechange policy.

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Congratulations to Sudipto Banerjee, professor and chair of the Department of Biostatistics, for being named a 2020 Fellow of @aaas.

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Are some restaurants safer than others? Yes, according to Dr. Peter Katona, a professor at @DGSOMUCLA. #COVID19

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Dr. Peter Katona of #UCLAFSPH & @dgsomucla weighs in on dining out and #COVID19.

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Setting boundaries can be challenging, but with practice, it gets easier. Scroll through the slides for tips on setting boundaries with friends and family during the pandemic.

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“In my industry, we have a term called “push”. Push means working w/ a sense of urgency & purpose. Every shift I take, I push. I push to the end of the line. I push to the end of the day. Because I believe that now more than ever, we need to care of each other.” - Will Tran (’23)

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@sciam published an #oped by Drs. Jackson and Frumkin on the need for a federally-funded “National Institute of Climate Change and Health” as part of the National Institutes of Health division.

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“If there was any lingering doubt that climate change threatens human health and well-being, this year put it to rest.”
— Dr. Richard Jackson, FSPH professor emeritus and Dr. @howardfrumkin, @uwsph professor emeritus


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Judging from the crowded scenes we're seeing at U.S. airports, the message to avoid travel over the holidays doesn't seem to be sinking in. Are we standing at another precipice? Yes, says Dr. Robert Kim-Farley @UCLAFSPH. He says the airport may be more dangerous than the flight.

#UCLAFSPH’s Dr. Robert Kim-Farley (@kimfarleyr) weighs in on the potential risks of holiday travel.

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#UCLAFSPH’s @UCLAchpr report calls for easier access to data on American Indians’ and Alaska Natives’ health ➨
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Pandemic fatigue is real, but wearing masks, staying home, washing our hands and maintaining 6-ft distance can save lives. A #vaccine may be in our 2021 future, but we can't lose sight of these vital #publichealth practices that keep us and our communities safe.

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During this unprecedented time, the Fielding School is addressing the most pressing public health challenges – from COVID-19 to structural racism to climate change and beyond — join us.

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Last chance! Give $10 or more to support #publichealth and receive a special #bruin face mask! 🐻💙💛 #blueandgoldchallenge

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LIVE NOW! My @wbai radio show, "Coping w/ Covid19"

Saturdays, 12-2p ET on WBAI 99.5FM in NY / (worldwide)

12p: Prof. Dana Hunnes, @recipe4survival, @UCLAFSPH Nutrition Expert

1p: Dr. Danielle Ompad, @nyuniversity Epidemiology Expert


Tune-in! “Coping w/ Covid19,” featuring #UCLAFSPH Prof. Dana Hunnes

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Replying to @UCLAHealth: Exercise is a key part of keeping kids physically and mentally healthy.

Dr. Susan Babey, a researcher at @UCLAFSPH, explai…

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Exercise is a key part of keeping kids physically and mentally healthy.

Dr. Susan Babey, a researcher at @UCLAFSPH, explains why it’s important to keep kids active during the #pandemic. ➨

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Dr. Kim-Farley weighs in on the potential dangers of approving a #COVID19 vaccine prematurely in a @UCLA Magazine article ➨
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“What still concerns me is the equitable distribution of #vaccines — to make sure that countries that are not as wealthy as us have access to these life-saving vaccines. We are all members of one global community.”
#UCLAFSPH professor Dr. Robert Kim-Farley

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Replying to @UCLASpiritSquad: Joe and Josie know what’s up — do your part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and mask up!

#GoBruins #MaskUp #…

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Joe and Josie know what’s up — do your part to help prevent the spread of COVID-19 and mask up!

#GoBruins #MaskUp #BruinForBruin

@UCLA @UCLAAthletics @UCLAHealth @UCLA_Alumni @FollowJoeBruin

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