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I'm a musician with a swollen sense of my ability to articulate my insignificance.

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Dave Grohl and I both have a daughter called Violet born in 2006. And we both have beards and long hair and we're both musicians. And we're both founding members of two of the greatest rock bands of all t- ahh fuck so close.

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He seems like a very happy old man looking forward to a bright and wonderful future. So nice to see!

One last uppercut by the kid. Love it.

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Well, yes, Bitter Orange Tart just happens to be #RecipeOfTheDay. Apart from anything else, there are more things to make with Seville oranges than marmalade! This is not complicated: the base is bashed ginger nuts

Jesus I love her. (Even - or perhaps especially - after the mention of bashed ginger nuts). #byedonnie

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Replying to @RadioClydeNews: 🎥🗣 “Don’t haste ye back.”

🇺🇸 The First Minister’s message to outgoing President Donald Trump ahead of @JoeBiden’s #Ina

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Hey @timminchin - if you called out “MatthewPavlichMinchin” (one word), down at Grant St, I’d come a running 🐕😜!

I will definitely be testing this.

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🎥🗣 “Don’t haste ye back.”

🇺🇸 The First Minister’s message to outgoing President Donald Trump ahead of @JoeBiden’s #InaugurationDay  this afternoon. 👇

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Foolish of me to assume it will be the final one, obviously, now I think about it.

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I need to go to sleep, but am kinda waiting for @meganamram to tweet her final "This is the day..."

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Ahhh man I'm such a dickhead. I was getting on a roll with my script and what do I go and do? I post a fucking tweet that I knew would spread around and will inevitably devolve into abuse and I won't be able to stop reading it what the hell is wrong with me shut up minchin

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It's incredibly obvious. So if Trump lies (he demonstrably does) and if his lies have dangerous consequences (they demonstrably do), any #firstamendment talk is nonsense, and anyone bringing it up needs to think more about demon babies. #demonbabies

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Sigh. Look, if someone on telly / twitter started saying, "Babies with blonde hair are demons & should be ritualistically disemboweled" & lots of people believed them, we'd all want them off telly / twitter. Lies with dangerous consequences aren't protected by free speech. 🤓

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Replying to @registrarism: This is one of my favourite cartoons (great work @MooseAllain )

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I love him

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This is one of my favourite cartoons (great work @MooseAllain )

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@timminchin I once bought a cheap off-brand thesaurus. Not only was it terrible, it was terrible!

Extremely strong work.

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@timminchin Daffy Dux
Yosemetymology Sam
Tweety Word

Yosemetymology Sam is a portmanteau only a semantaclaus like Schmitz could drop down my fuliginous linguimney.

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@timminchin This had to be done. Things haven’t been funny enough/at all lately to inspire me to life up a pen...but this was.


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(My favourite thing about this joke is that it will appeal to a very small but excellent audience of wordnerds born before 1978... and even *they* will have to look up "prolix".)

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When Ramjet takes a Prolix Pill,
The crooks begin to worry.
They can't escape his profligate
And ostentatious flurry.

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A large-jawed superhero whose primary weapon is the synonym.

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Consider changing my name to Roget Ramjet.

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