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.@TheVampsband will be performing at the 2020 @VirginAtlantic #AttitudeAwards, powered by @JaguarUK! 🌈🙌

Watch from 9pm GMT on #WordAidsDay Tuesday 1st December:

@TheVampsJames @TheVampsCon @TheVampsBrad @TheVampsTristan

Excited for this.

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Quoted @themayhew

This year, we're bringing our annual Christmas carols concert to the comfort of your living room! 🎶 🤶 🎄

Share Christmas with Mayhew, and join us online on 8 December to enjoy festive readings and performances by very special guests. 👉 . #MayhewCarols

These guys are close to my heart. If you’re about and able to, please join this wonderful evening x

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Retired Military Working Dog Kuno has been awarded our #PDSADickinMedal for his bravery supporting British Forces 🎖️ Kuno was deployed in support of specialist UK & host nation forces on a compound raid when they came under attack. Read his amazing story:

The ultimate good boy. ❤️🐶

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Over the moon to ride 100k today with @TheVampsBrad raising over £3000 for @MovemberUK - your generosity is going to go such a long way. @RibbleCycles

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It was amazing. I had so much energy🤣♥️@TheVampsBrad @TheVampsTristan @TheVampsJames @TheVampsCon @TheVampsband


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.@TheVampsJames on hungover cycling, I’m A Celeb and
@TheVampsband's first and only live gig of 2020

Gin + cycling = misery. Will I therefore break my habit of a g+t at the live stream show tomorrow? Nope.

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#MILESFORMOVEMBER – Switching worldwide tours for an adventure a little closer to home. @TheVampsJames & @TheVampsBrad of @TheVampsband, have teamed up with us and @MovemberUK to ride 60 miles on Sunday 22nd Movember.

Get involved with #MilesForMovember

Not long to go now!

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Happy Fridaaaaayyyy!! 🥳

Today on the #ChrisEvansBreakfastShow with @skytv we welcome:

📀 @TheVampsband
📀 @Palomafaith
📺 @jasonsfolly
📚 @StigAbell

#FridayMorning #FridayFeeling

Thanks @achrisevans for having us this morning. Really enjoyed covering @royalblooduk too.

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I haven’t used nail clippers on my fingers in my entire adult life.

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Oh, and you NIMBY chumps, Black, with African and/or African-Caribbean heritage only make up 3% of the UK population... AND they are the LARGEST ethnic minority.

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Every single tv ad this evening is black. Morrison's, Hive, Sainsbury, and all the rest. I'm going to take a stand & not buy from these companies until they *see me*. I'm white & I live in a majority white country. I exist. It's going to be difficult but that's my mission.

Reinstalled Twitter on my phone, saw this ignorant burk saying this tripe in 20 bloody 20... deleting the app again. 😂

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Also worth mentioning that @TheVampsband were superb on @bbcstrictly. Great to see them still doing so well

Thanks mate

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Replying to @TheVampsband: Thanks for having us @bbcstrictly 🌸

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Just dreamt of @TheVampsJames and @TheVampsTristan

I’m sorry

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Hey @TheVampsJames loving you on @bbcstrictly ( that’ll surprise a few)

Thank you! ❤️😂

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Thanks for having us @bbcstrictly 🌸

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Orange melon is superior. Discuss

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Quoted @MovemberUK

So... who's going to join @TheVampsBrad and @TheVampsJames on their epic cycle ride??? More details here:

Please get involved and log miles with us!

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