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Who’s enjoying part 1 of the extended version of Cherry Blossom?

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.@TheVampsband will be performing at the 2020 @VirginAtlantic #AttitudeAwards, powered by @JaguarUK! 🌈🙌

Watch from 9pm GMT on #WordAidsDay Tuesday 1st December:

@TheVampsJames @TheVampsCon @TheVampsBrad @TheVampsTristan

So excited! X

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Just wanna give a special shout-out to these guys for being the best team around us we could ask for x

Dream team, thank you 👏💛

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See you very soon x

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Having a chinwag with @achrisevans very soon on @VirginRadioUK come have a listen x

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It’s been one month since @TheVampsband released their 5th studio album, “Cherry Blossom” which debuted at number one in the UK!

Happy 1 month CB x

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Big love @bbcstrictly ❤️🌸

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Bringing a slice of Vegas to Elstree, give it up for @TheVampsband! ✨ #Strictly

Ayyy thankyou for having us! ❤️🌸

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Playing Married In Vegas tonight on @bbcstrictly CANNOT WAIT. Tune in to @BBCOne at 7:25pm and let’s have a dance 💃

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CANNOT WAIT FOR NEXT SATURDAY, Cherry Blossom live from Hackney Round Chapel, its gonna be a party 🌸 who’s got a ticket?

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What a feeling when you go out, think you’ve forgotten your mask and find one in your back pocket

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Chatting with @skynewsniall soon, announcing something very exciting with @TheVampsJames, see you there! 💛

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new reaction vid for me HEWEGOOO

Me when I found out we had 4 Billion streams

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4 BILLION, absolute MADNESS. That’s all you guys, you’re incredible, eternally grateful for the support x

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Played Song Association with @ELLEmagazine and realised my air guitar is more of an air ukulele, thanks for having me x

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I'm very biased because @TheVampsJames once dedicated a song to me at the O2 & my youngest daughter nearly exploded with delight and (very temporary) admiration of her dad. But the new @TheVampsband album, Cherry Blossom, is really rather brilliant.

What a man x

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@TheVampsBrad Which song was the most difficult to record in terms of vocals ?

Bitter is HIGH

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