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.@RobReiner on #DonaldTrump, #CPAC, and what he sees as the very dim prospects for the GOP. #SundayShow

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Watch @CapehartJ deliver this week's "Bye Line," and leave your thoughts in the replies. #SundayShow

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Thanks for joining us for The #SundayShow! Join @CapehartJ next weekend on #SundayMorning at 10 am ET on @MSNBC for another great edition. See you soon!

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Up next: The Bye Line. Keep it right here. #SundayShow

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Rep. @MondaireJones on the Equality Act, working to make federal anti-discrimination legislation more fair, and being the first openly gay, black man elected to Congress. #SundayShow

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.@CapehartJ asks Rep. Marie Newman (@Marie4Congress), "Is Marjorie Taylor Greene as hateful in real life as she comes across on television?" #SundayShow

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Coming up: Legendary filmmaker and activist Rob Reiner. Next! #SundayShow

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Coming up: Rep. Marie Newman and Rep. Mondaire Jones are here to discuss the Equality Act. You don't want to miss this. #SundayShow

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.@RepKClark on Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene's statements and actions "pushing back" on the Equality Act. #SundayShow

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.@reneeygraham and @danbalz on whether President #Biden will be able to achieve a $15 minimum wage by the end of this term. #SundayShow

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Coming up in our next hour: What's next for the GOP -- will it remain the Trump party? We'll take a look at that next. Stay with us. #SundayShow

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DNC Chair @harrisonjaime calls #Trump "a hot messy gift" to the Democratic Party. #SundayShow

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Sen. @timkaine shares his optimistic view on the prospects of the #COVID relief bill in the Senate. #SundayShow

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Coming up: As we continue to piece together details about the January 6th insurrection, experts warn there could be more to come. More on that next. #SundayShow

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.@AlCardenasFL_DC on #Trump's speech to day at #CPAC, calling the former president "the great whiner." #SundayShow

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Kate Bedingfield, @WHCommsDir, addresses the #Biden administration releasing the Khashoggi report which she says the previous administration buried, and the plan to "recalibrate" the U.S. relationship with Saudi Arabia. #SundayShow

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Instant reaction to the first half of the show with Dan Balz of The Washington Post and Renee Graham of The Boston Globe. That's next. Keep it right here. #SundayShow

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Coming up: The "former guy" heads to #CPAC today. We'll take a look, next. #SundayShow

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