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Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular. @ellentube @theellenfund


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I love how much Eddie Murphy’s daughters love @LeoDiCaprio.

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I met a couple who opened their home to a stranded delivery driver for five nights during the winter storm in Texas, and I had to share it with you.

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Thanks for taking over hosting duties today, @HowieMandel! The #HowieDoesStuff Podcast hosted by Howie and @JackelynShultz premieres Tuesday, March 16 and is available on all platforms.

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We’re live on YouTube right now from the set of my show during our commercial breaks!

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❤️ @TheLeslieJordan, I’m glad you were on my show then, and I’m glad you’re on my show today.

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.@HeidiKlum’s daughter is following in her footsteps.

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.@HowieMandel guest hosted my show today. From his driveway. I’m not kidding.

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Happy birthday @JustinBieber!

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.@theLeslieJordan is going to be here tomorrow! You really don’t wanna miss it.

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.@TheKalenAllen is back with Part 2 of Giving Back While Buying Black, with a VERY special healthcare worker!

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Quoted @pascual777

Hey @TheEllenShow Here’s my student’s reaction to Ellen’s Tweet Response yesterday 😭😭♥️♥️
You simply changed our whole day! It’s so mesmerizing how a simple act of kindness can change a kid’s life in just a second 🤩🙏🏼

You just made my day❤️

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.@TiffanyHaddish asked @TayeDiggs some pretty racy stuff on today’s show. So this is what goes on when I’m not around. #BurningQuestions

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I love @ArianaGrande, and her favorite cafe is my new favorite too. They’re doing the most incredible things for their community. @southlacafe

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Who wants pancakes? Use code ELLEN to get a free stack of pancakes at this weekend!

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I went to Dodger Stadium this week to surprise these incredible frontline workers – with the help of some friends.

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.@JaneFonda is vaccinated, glowing, and only getting better with age.

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I wasn’t done surprising this incredible principal.

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Founder of @ItCosmetics @JamieKernLima's incredible story is the motivation you need this week.

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