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2020 is summed up about people getting triggered over fictional animals gender😂. Then being called every name under the sun about it. If people only put more effort into other things than social media we would all be in a better place in this messed up world😬

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Merry Christmas no matter what side of the nut house you're from!

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how I was brought up and that's what I will instill in my ki! ds. This is a matter of what is right and what is wrong. If we can do one thing as a human race its to respect one another
#Love #Respect #BLM #Blacklivesmatter

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Being a white male there is no way in you know what can I relate to what a brother or sister of color has to go through...the conversations that they have to have to there young daughter or son. I can absolutely provide as much empathy and support and love because that's...Cont

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Awesome to see @MalikRayTTV get a well deserved top 10 tonight at Richmond in @iRacing 👊

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Amazing how things have changed in 30yrs....

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Look👀 what just arrived in the mail today! This will come in handy working the midnight oil! @rowdyenergy @KyleBusch

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