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Whether I’m creating or curating it’s always TaylaMade 🌵 My new album Coping Mechanisms out now 💙☁️


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Happy #BlackFriday 💸

Head over to to receive 40% off all items until monday!! 🛍


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@TAYLAPARX really said happy black friday w a whole 40% off 🕺🏻🤑

Head to for a deal on your @TrailerParx !!!

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We made cornbread and apple pie from scratch today and I’m so proud 🥲

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Happy thanksgivinggggg !! I’m thankful for every single one of you taylatots !

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IM GON PARTY TIL I GET YOU OUT MY SYSTEM YEAHHHH @TAYLAPARX ISSA SINGLE ISSA SINGLEEEEEEEE ugh I miss crowded clubs and dancing yo 😢🥺 I love you Tay! Imma dance alone

Get em on out !!!

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First question ... When is it ok to start playing Christmas music ?

Second question ... Do they even have Thanksgiving music ? Or do I just play songs with “Thank You” &/or “Thankful” in the lyric ?

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Almost 2 years ago now @Spotify and I celebrated over 3.5 billion streams of #Taylamade music ... I wonder where we at now ⬆️

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Don’t miss my @reddit AMA on @popheads this Wednesday at 12:30pm PT/3:30pm ET

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2 more #Taylamade #GRAMMYs nominations announced today ! Album of the year with @HAIMtheband as well as Best R&B album for @johnlegend ! Two sessions that I was REALLY looking forward to, with artists that I RESPECT. Matters so much💕

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Anytime somebody say they make mac n cheese you gosssssta ask how they make it to truly know if it’s bomb lol I’m usually in New Orleans for thanksgiving with my family but this year I’m doing all the cooking! Stay tuneddd 👩🏽‍🍳

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"The last album I came into strong, and came out of it broken," Parx explains to EW. "And this album we're ending on a good note. And I'm proud of the growth, you know?"​


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my fav line rn is “if stupid was worth a dollar than you would be dumb rich” SHEESH. can’t wait to use it as a comeback in an argument or smth😭 @TAYLAPARX

With a hundred acressss self-made millionaireee 💴

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Getting my research on to create a list of local, black owned, and/or women owned businesses I want to support for Black Friday ! If you’re an up-and-coming business .. tag yourself & get these coins!

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We sat down with Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and actress @TAYLAPARX to talk about her latest album 'Coping Mechanisms.'


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Love this ⁦@TAYLAPARX

Thank you @EstelleDarlings ❤️🙏🏽

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My Music Moments: Tayla Parx Shares the Soundtrack to Her Life


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The incredible @TAYLAPARX stopped by @mtvfreshout to give us a fabulous performance of her song #DanceAlone. 💖


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You said my heart is cold
But, bitch, I ain't scared to freeze

@TAYLAPARX saying what were all feeling

Tuh 🥶

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if you play the We Need To Talk album and let it play into Coping Mechanisms. it goes from Easy, being the sad one about the break up and goes into Sad which is like the opposite. saying I hope you’re sad about it now. I liveeeee @TAYLAPARX GROWTHHHH!!

A concept 🙆🏽‍♀️

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My new album Coping Mechanisms is out now!

Listen Here:

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