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@Beyonce @SAINtJHN @wizkidayo CONGRATULATIONS 🤎 “Brown Skin Girl” from Black Is King is nominated for Best Musical Moment at the #MTVAwards! Vote on @MTV’s Instagram Story starting TUESDAY!

❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥 Pay my momma house ooofffff… win VMA now 💟🥲

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Legend!!! 🔥🤟🏾

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I never wanna be 2 cool to say sorry, thank you or can you help me.

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@SAINtJHN No body cares!!!!!!!!

🤔 I’ve never seen somebody 6 months delayed with their hate. You rreeealllllyyyy gotta get better wifi. You could be an even better hater... think about it ✝️

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Replying to @AmirLatran: Learnt how to love myself from listening to @SAINtJHN

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Learnt how to love myself from listening to @SAINtJHN

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@SAINtJHN Did he mention anything about you dropping soon?

Nah had to dip, we was at the gas station & I left the Porsche running

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A wise man told me count the blessings not the losses ✝️

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Replying to @jaeceethepoet: God bless the internet X @SAINtJHN

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God bless the internet X @SAINtJHN

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Quoted @maadilyne

no bc If I don’t physically see @SAINtJHN performing this year I’m gonna pass away

Stop it right tf now. The rest of us plan on living 4ever ✝️ don’t even talk like that.

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@SAINtJHN ... So, while sometimes dumbing it down for the lay person may help to mainstream and commercialize the tune. Leave a few moments of depth for us small in number. Love & Light ✌🏾

Nah Neva said dumb it down. Just take them somewhere further than their living room

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Quoted @mayathabeeee

A nigga put me on to @SAINtJHN I hate the nigga now but I love @SAINtJHN

That’s a whooolleeee t shirt 🥲

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"Put them in a specific space."

Incredible advice for artists from @SAINtJHN, shared by @VinceStaples in his new @GQMagazine interview.


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Clout chasing is a toxic sport 📵

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Replying to @TrAdeMarkTheGod: Heard that @SAINtJHN in the Can-Am commercial 👀 better get you a Spyder 🔥

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Heard that @SAINtJHN in the Can-Am commercial 👀 better get you a Spyder 🔥

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@SAINtJHN Yo saint jhn what you doing right now?


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That a Ap Royal Oak @SAINtJHN 👀


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Come home, the kids miss you @SAINtJHN

Dem kids ain’t mine... and them shoes by the door don’t fit me 😑

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I hope @SAINtJHN is having a great day. ✨💙✨

Thank you bro. It’s 4 sure good

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I’m not closed off, I’m just invite only!

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My next collection While The World Was Burning, Friday, November 20th! aoty??!!probably ✝️✝️✝️ pre save it right now!

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