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RIP To The Dead
Rest in Peace @kingsthings
I got to know about you from @deangraziosi
ThAnk You For All You've Done
#LarryKing #RestInPeace

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Never Stop Learning

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See #Feedback as a #gift
Be It Good Or Bad

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Thanks For The Retweet @EricWorre

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Quoted @EricWorre

Don't fool yourself into thinking that you're working hard.

Ask yourself: How much would YOU pay someone to do what you've done in #NetworkMarketing over the last 30 days?

Be honest with yourself.

Is it time to amp up YOUR game?


Catch: How much would You pay someone to do what you're doing in your #NetworkMarketing business?
#Wisdom Money #Bills

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Quoted @Aisy_Monic

Winners were once people who failed but they refused to dwell on their failures. They learnt, dusted their cloths & continued pursuing their goals.

Yeah, Keep Running and Don't Look Back!

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Quoted @MeidasTouch

In the past hour:

- Michael Flynn banned from Twitter

- Sidney Powell banned from Twitter

- Donald Trump banned from Twitter

- Parler given 24 hour ultimatum from App Store

- House to introduce impeachment resolution on Monday

- Pelosi told generals to hide nukes

Twitter is a dangerous place

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They don't make statues of Critics. They make statues of Crazy People & Dreamers.
#fikayoajayi Tunde Ednut #WhoInjuredLaycon #ThankGodfortheinternet #KingTundeEdnut Mo Abudu Falz Tunde Speed Darlington

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Quoted @EricWorre

How many of you are stuck in a rut? 🤔

How many times have you tried the same thing, the same way, & got the same result?

If you want something different to happen, you have to do something different. 💯

If that means taking a course, attending an event, reading a book, DO IT!

The greatest thing you can spend money on is your self
Never stop leaning

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Make The Best out Of Every Opportunity. Glad you're back @kingtundeednut

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Quoted @Sommyboi2

Good morning.. this went viral without my watermark 🥺....

#ThankASoldier #NWAEP #ArmedForcesRemembranceDay #KingTundeEdnut #EricaNlewedimXTravelbeta Bobi Wine

😅😅😅😂🙌Real stuffs

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The little Sacrifices Are Everything
#thursdaymorning #fikayoajayi

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Have been seeing STORIES since😩.Broken homes, single mums, abuse, addiction to one bad thing, depression, attempted sucide😤and More. But I'm happy they all encountered breakthrough and they are Successful. IT'S SO STRANGE HOW SMALL DECISION MAKES BIG IMPACT

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Stop thinking of "What will i get", Start Thinking of what will I give and what will I accept in 2021
#SMAN #stingymenassociation #PressRelease #2021year #fikayoajayi

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Quoted @cuppymusic

*MUST READ ARTICLE* @Forbes girl - AND I’m just getting started 💸💕 #CuppyOnAMission

We made it to Forbes💯

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The Stingy Men Association Of Nigeria
1. All SMAN members should print their card on or before Feb 28 as all registration end soon
2. All Grand Patrons should watch out for members breaking our rules


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Am I not part of anyone 🙄
LIC is trending.....
#asuustrike #LIC #university #fikayoajayi

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