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@ESPN // NBA Shoe Deals, Brand Interviews & Endorsements. Behind-the-back pass proponent. @Univ_of_Oregon Alum.

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Fiesta vibes on these new Kobe 5s for @DeMar_DeRozan 👀 🎉

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FIRST LOOK: LaMelo Ball debuted Puma’s upcoming Court Rider model tonight 👀👀

Puma’s Instagram caption:

“All I can say is this is... NOT @MELOD1P’s signature shoe”

Look for LaMelo to be the 1st @PumaHoops Signature athlete in 20 years? 🤔👁

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Replying to @NickDePaula: When the James Harden trade was announced, it seemed rare that the Nets would now have 3 players with a Signature Shoe tog…

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Great to see past BHM shoes hit the floor as we get closer to MLK Day on Monday and new collections for February.

@HamidouDiallo in the KD 5 and @Elfrid Payton in the Kobe 8 from Nike’s 2013 BHM pack.

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Wait, Glen Rice had a signature shoe?!

Had a few Sigs with Nautica. Listen the 90s were a sick time...

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@NickDePaula @ESPNNBA @TheUndefeated Rockets with Barkley/Pippen/Hakeem? Briefly? Know Chuck was kind of at the end of the (signature) line by then.

I had to look through all the game shots to be sure, but Chuck’s Nike line had ended and he wore AJ XIV, Pippen 2, Tuned Force and the Powermatic that lockout year with Pip on the team.

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Wait...Andrew Bynum had a sig shoe?!

Bynum had a signature with Protege that season. Trust me it was not a fun list to put together 🤣

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@NickDePaula @ESPNNBA @TheUndefeated Rodman had a shoe?

Dennis had 3 Sigs with Converse:
- All Star 91
- All Star Rodman
- All Star D-Rod

(Both the Converse Springfield and Nike Shake NDestrukt almost count too.)

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Replying to @ESPNNBA: 🚨 #HOOPSTREAMS 🚨

@itsthebaldgirl, @TreavorScales and @garystriewski welcome @NickDePaula to the show to showcase the freshest…

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@itsthebaldgirl, @TreavorScales and @garystriewski welcome @NickDePaula to the show to showcase the freshest kicks around the league and more.

(📍 @StateFarm)

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Under the radar trade likely in the works:

Finding out what kind of awesome watch Landry Shamet gets for coming up off #13. 🤔

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Dwyane Wade unveils his new @WayofWade 9 sneaker.

Shoe includes a zipper shroud and will launch as a Low-top with laces and in a High cut with a BOA Fit dial cord system.

@DwyaneWade has a lifetime deal with Li-Ning.

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Replying to @E_Woodyard: Check me out on The Jump today for the first time! 🙌🏾 #FlintMadeMe

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Check me out on The Jump today for the first time! 🙌🏾 #FlintMadeMe

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They’re calling these Melo Jordan 35s the “Carmerlots” and that’s amazing. 🍷 🍇 🍷

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Read up on the state of NBA shoe deals and the 3 types of endorsement contracts:

- Signature Deal
- Cash Deal
- Merch Deal

(with insight from @NPDMattPowell & @SBRadio)

Replying to @SBRadio: ICYMI

I enjoyed contributing to this @NickDePaula story. #sportsbiz

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I enjoyed contributing to this @NickDePaula story. #sportsbiz

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Steph Curry drops a career high in a new #Curry8 colorway.

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I wonder if that’s why the logo is white. So it’s not very visible.

Great point — literally every other team’s Statement uni has a higher contrasting & more visible Jumpman logo.

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The NBA is removing ALL footwear color restrictions for the upcoming 2018-19 season.

Players can wear whatever colors they want, every night:

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