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Running to reimagine NYC, so we can all live here with dignity. Tweets by staff signed, Team Maya. She/Her

New York City

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.@Eliberliner .@VillarealCuatro This is SO humbling and your HIRED!!!

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Getting ready to speak ⁦@NationalAction⁩ to do do MORE than remember. To continue to be “fighting pacifists” and here with my team in the house of justice! #MLKDay201

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On 125th St in Harlem on #MLKDay2021 to help folks mask up with #BidenHarrisNY because “service is the rent we pay for the privilege of living on this earth.” - Shirley Chisolm.

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Dr. King said, “If peace means a willingness to be exploited economically, dominated politically, humiliated & segregated, I don’t want peace.” #MLKDay2021 today more than ever must answer his call to be “fighting pacificsts” who peacefully demand truth, justice & anti-racism.

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I miss movie theaters and bad popcorn.

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I'm so incredibly honored and humbled to be the first @SecondGentleman of the United States. As we countdown to Inauguration Day, I've been doing my homework—and looking to the past for inspiration.

So loving Mr. @SecondGentleman and NYC I have a #MrFirstGentleman for ya! All you have to do is vote on June 22, 2021!

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😍 Wow!

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(2/3) We must reimagine NYC stronger, fairer- becoming a city where we can literally live! Together! We have over a million ppl out of work, 600k ppl w/o health ins. We must rise together & that includes communities of color. So...I have a #NewDealNY Plan!

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(3/3) Big and Bold! That's how I roll. So as Mayor, I will invest $10B in capitol construction $ to create 100,000 jobs on projects that make us more resilient to climate change, create more affordable housing. We need a #NewDealNY! Join us!

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(1/3) COVID-19 is killing us fast AND slow, shaving a year off Black & Latino lives! Shortened lifespans are not new for Black, Latino & Native American residents, which is why I say we must do MORE than recover....

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Political Violence against Women must end NOW

.@AOC said she feared for her life when Trump supporters attacked the Capitol. She also added that many members of Congress risked losing their lives.

@PattyArquette @mayawiley @RepAdamSchiff @Rosie @sacca


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Anyone who attended a counter rally to a “Blue Lives Matter” rally this summer, as I did, is not surprised. AND we have known for YEARS that there are racists wearing the badge. .: “Off-duty police were part of the Capitol mob”

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Replying to @cmclymer: Hear me out: New York City Mayor @MayaWiley.

Sound good? Donate:

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Hear me out: New York City Mayor @MayaWiley.

Sound good? Donate:

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Congratulations @mayawiley @TeamMayaNYC

THIS is what matters most to me! This! New Yorkers who get up every day and struggle to do better for themselves, while doing more for others! I am a proud servant to the truly heroic.👇🏽

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⚡️ Several injured as New York City bus plunges off Bronx bridge

This is terrifying and I hope no one was seriously injured but trauma will be real. The Bronx has suffered with the highest unemployment rates since COVID - 25% - and the greatest number of COVID-related deaths. Now this? Care for victims, investigate, prevent in future!

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Replying to @Quicktake: Several people were injured when a New York City bus dramatically plunged off a bridge in the Bronx, leaving its front half…

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"Black women have been delivering for this country for generations, as have Black men, and yet we're always seen as the mules and never the precious cargo." – @MayaWiley

I said it. I meant it. And I will change it.

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Me when he didn’t know when we would see the new Star Trek Discover episodes!

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Several people were injured when a New York City bus dramatically plunged off a bridge in the Bronx, leaving its front half hanging

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I'm on the move, and I'm running to be the next Mayor of New York City. Join me >>

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