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.@therealjuicyj on his legacy in hip-hop: “When they mention who’s been around for 20 years and still killing the game, then my name comes up”

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#POLL: As we all stay safe inside #AloneTogether this season, we want to know: what’s your go-to movie for the holiday season? 👀

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Queer people love Christmas, and Hollywood has finally caught on!

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#DashAndLily’s Troy Iwata told @LogoTV how he kept the yuletide gay in @netflix’s adorable new holiday series

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My Chemical Romance’s post-apocalyptic fourth album ‘Danger Days,’ which featured hits like "Sing" and "Na Na Na," turned 10-years-old this week

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Sneaker drops have got nothing on a #BTS merch release! On #StanAccounts Episode 5, @umucado, @_4L3X1, and other fans give us an inside look at the economics of stanning K-pop– from photo cards and collections, to what matters most.

Watch here:

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We're celebrating the extra-long weekend with our fave bops by @Cautiousclayton, @ianndior, King Princess, and more on #BopShop

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Young people across the country spoke with us about the toll coronavirus has taken on their mental health: "It's not wrong to grieve what you've lost, it's not wrong to admit that this is a really challenging thing"

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The holidays can be particularly challenging for LGBTQ+ people, and @LogoTV has four helpful steps for navigating the trauma that comes with the festivities this season:

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.@MileyCyrus's new album #PlasticHearts is out now! In honor of her seventh record, we're throwing it back to 2009 when the #MidnightSky singer spoke with us about her lofty goal of changing the world, and inspiring people to make a difference.

Mission: accomplished ☑️

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Feeling a bit of #TELEPATHY and a bit of #STAY, but thankfully there’s a bop for every mood on @BTS_twt’s #BTS_BE

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.@KieraJAllen is launching her career in a major way– debuting opposite @MsSarahPaulson in #RunFilm and making waves for representation at the same time

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This @JerseyShore star is about to be a dad!

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Today is @RitaOra's 30th birthday! In her honor, we're throwing it back to 2012 when she spoke with us about wanting to create an empire and get into fashion. Considering she's got multiple design partnerships to her name, we'd say she made it! Happy Birthday, Rita! 💞

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This Thanksgiving, 'tis the season to leave that homophobic sh*t at home! 👏 (via @LogoTV)

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Today is @djkhaled's birthday! Back in 2008, the multi-faceted artist, producer, and executive spoke with us about wearing a lot of hats in the industry, and keeping the game exciting. Happy Birthday and bless up! 🔑

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#POLL: What’s your favorite food on the table on #Thanksgiving? 🦃 🥔 🥧 Bring on the hot takes!

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Feeling helpless? These are 10 ways you can help people in your apartment building, community, and beyond during the coronavirus pandemic:

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It's #ThanksgivingDay, and no one explains the holiday quite as well as @WuTangClan's Ol' Dirty Bastard! In 1997, he told us what #Thanksgiving means to him and reminisced on eating all day with @RZA as kids 😂❤️

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Today is Tina Turner's 81st birthday! In honor of the Queen of Rock n' Roll, we're throwing it back to 1986 when @LoveTinaTurner spoke with us about the importance of never giving up on your dreams

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