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1/4 of One Direction :) We would be nowhere without our incredible fans, we owe it all to you. @lthqofficial


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Just want to acknowledge everyone who has helped with Defenceless. These moments make me immensely proud and reinforces with your support we're unstoppable.

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I've been doing a lot of thinking about my next record. It's going to be special!

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Hope everyone is doing alright!

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The @Louis_Tomlinson fans did THIS 👊

BOOM! You guys are relentless. Thank you for all your hard work!

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#1 on the worldwide iTunes chart and it's an album track, crazy! Never have enough words to thank you all for everything you do!

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I see what you're doing with defenceless! You are all incredible!

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Stay positive! Hope everyone is doing alright.

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Let’s round today off with a little clip of the original demo for Walls #1YearOfWalls

Hope you like it!

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Thanks for all the love for Walls today. You're all amazing!

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So you'll have to wait for new merch!

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I was going to do some merch but I didn't want to market the day. Just wanted it to be a celebration for us!

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I'll be on later to reply!

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1 year of my first album Walls. Crazy how quick the time has gone. When I finally get to tour this album it's going to be fucking unbelievable! Sending you ALL a massive thank you for everything you do! This is our day!

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I watched some of the Michael Jordan series, still got a few episodes to watch but Phil Jackson's school of thought and his way of understanding each individual was incredible to see! Top man!

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How's everyone doing?

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Hope everyone's doing alright! Have a good day/night!

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Replying to @MarcusRashford: It’s 2021. Our eyes are open. Now is the time for a full major review of the Free School Meal system.

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It’s 2021. Our eyes are open. Now is the time for a full major review of the Free School Meal system.
@10DowningStreet @educationgovuk @vickyford (3)

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Replying to @Tim_Burgess: I think we are owed an explanation @OliverDowden
@RishiSunak @BorisJohnson

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I think we are owed an explanation @OliverDowden
@RishiSunak @BorisJohnson

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Can't quite believe I'm finally saying this. My debut album #Walls is out now! Let me know what you think

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