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Chairman of Amshold Group, owner of @Amscreen and Amsprop. https://t.co/kkzn7dNDlj

Joined on 29 June, 2010

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Send a loved one a birthday puppy! 🐶

Our jumbo balloons can be bundled with plain foil balloons and with the option to add a personalised message. All balloons are sent inflated and in a plain box for that element of surprise!

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Who wouldn't love a floating puppy?! #Ad

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We're Hiring - due to expansion, we are looking for cards in and sub contractor floor layers throughout the UK.
Please send email to info@siteform.co.uk with contact details.

JOBS! My business partner Siteform Flooring @siteform_f has vacancies all over UK and Ireland. Check out

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Invented with ❤️ by BBC Apprentice winner Tom Pellereau, a very special Rainbow STYLPRO Gift Set. ✨

💚 Add a little colour to your life 💙

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📷 all_eyesongee

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Replying to @Hyperec_HRS: For a list of @Hyperec_HRS HOT #jobs this week in #Science or #Technology head to our Featured Jobs apply today


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For a list of @Hyperec_HRS HOT #jobs this week in #Science or #Technology head to our Featured Jobs apply today

#Careers #HRS #MondayMotivation #mondaythoughts #sciencejobs

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AUSTRALIA a very sad goodbye after 5 months . You have a great country and you should be very proud of it. So sorry to be leaving and can't wait to return @9NewsAUS

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Quoted @JohnBurke10

@Lord_Sugar Grow up Alan

Yes daddy

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Quoted @___xLauren

@Lord_Sugar @AmericanAir PEOPLE ARE DYING

Yes what’s that got to do with anything.

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Quoted @DavidKavanagh01

@Lord_Sugar @AmericanAir Haha drunk tweet? It’s communication 😂

P... off

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Quoted @JamesSpark_

@Lord_Sugar @AmericanAir Comeucation. That is all.

I so wish I was a clever as you with a name like Spark I hope you don’t go near any petrol fumes or gas leaks

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Quoted @greenwichslope

@Lord_Sugar @AmericanAir This is so badly written I suspect American Air are still trying to decipher what it actually means 🤔

P... off you tw.. Had to abbreviate message as restricted to 280 ch . They were on to me like a shot and have sorted everything out now go Thame a long walk off a short pier.

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Quoted @maggierankin201

@Lord_Sugar @AmericanAir You mean communication🤣🤣🍷🍷

Yes that’s what I meant but unfortunately I was not blessed with the brilliance that you obviously have . I so I wish I was like you. You are my idol. Now p... off

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. @AmericanAir terrible at customer I'm leaving Sydney today 28th on Flight 72. I called them 27th to see if all was good. Hanging on call centre in Asia I was told of delay by 9 hours. They had my email and tel. Today I called they say its only 8 hours. No comeucation at all .

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Has your business suffered as a result of lockdown? Are you having cash-flow issues? My investment company Amsvest is looking to invest in existing businesses that need help to take the opportunities that will come with the end of lockdown. Apply ➡️

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⁠Feeling guilty about using throw-away cotton wool pads and want to do your bit to reduce your daily waste? Look no further! 🙋‍♀️⁠

Follow the link to purchase from @nextofficial for £12.99

#asosbeautyawards #beauty #winner #next #stylpro #sustainable

These reusable pads won the New Sustainable Innovator category in the recent @ASOS Beauty Awards. #Ad

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32 YEARS AGO! In Feb 1989, Sky TV began broadcasting. The previous year Rupert Murdoch and I had come to an agreement: he would set up the BSkyB network and arrange satellite transmission; Amstrad would make the dishes and receivers to pick up the programmes. The rest is history.

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Replying to @Hyperec_HRS: @RickyMartin247 and @Lord_Sugar are looking for the next recruits for their Life-Changing Team at #HRS

Do you think a rol…

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Perfect for a chilly February day. A freshly baked @doughbakehouse handmade luxury sausage roll. Dough is at Milkwood Rd Herne Hill and High St Beckenham. Open 7 days a week. My joint business with #TheApprentice winner Carina. #Ad

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@RickyMartin247 and @Lord_Sugar are looking for the next recruits for their Life-Changing Team at #HRS

Do you think a role in #scientific recruitment is right for you? Watch this short video to find out more...


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The way organisations operate is constantly changing; to stay ahead of the curve, businesses will need to appoint strong #leadership.

👉In our latest leadership article we outline the skills future #leaders will need to be #successful:

#hr #recruitment

Harper Fox Partners is my joint business with #TheApprentice runner-up @ScarlettAH_. Why not follow us at @HarperFoxGlobal and check out

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Gift of the Month is here and ready to dazzle your taste buds.

Our Vegan Letterbox is now on sale! Try all 4 of our dual flavoured jelly sweets. They're gluten free and packed with flavour!

What's your favourite flavour?

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