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Just a Country Boy from the 409! Retired 14 year NBA Vet! One of the new faces of @Espn and Co-Host of Espn Hoop Streams • Also a Regular on @NBCSCeltics

Houston, TX

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If you see Russ in a fight with a bear you better pour the Honey on Russ!!!! Carry on...

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When was the last time 2 Centers dominated a game the way Embiid and Dwight did tonight?!

Embiid finished with 29 points in 23 minutes.

Dwight Howard finished with 19 points and 14 rebounds in 22 minutes.

Btw Philly is on a 8 game winning streak! Carry the hell on...

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That damn Dame Dolla carved the Lakers up like a Thanksgiving Turkey tonight!!! I mean controlled the entire game. Man is a damn PROBLEM!!! Carry on...

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Quoted @McDNBA

Bojan Bogdanovic just put a a 48 piece Croatian 🇭🇷 chicken 🍗 dinner - with paprika, 🧅, 🧂, 🌶, white wine and caraway seeds - on the Denver Nuggets.

Did I do that right, @KendrickPerkins? 😉


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Utah Jazz really on 4 game winning streak without their Best player is simply amazing and is a testament to great of Coach that Quin Synder really is. Real Talk!

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Embiid with a casual 37 piece wing dinner lemon pepper style with a side of 13 biscuits with the W! Btw Philly is sitting at the top of the Eastern Conference. Carry on...

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.@KendrickPerkins is doubling-down. He says an NBA Championship is harder to win than a Super Bowl 🤔

Contract done, bizness handled.. now back to regularly scheduled programming! Carry the hell on...

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Replying to @ESPNPR: ESPN re-signs #NBA analyst @KendrickPerkins to a multi-year deal

Continues year-round presence across multiple ESPN platforms…

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ESPN re-signs #NBA analyst @KendrickPerkins to a multi-year deal

Continues year-round presence across multiple ESPN platforms including #TheJump, #HoopStreams, @SportsCenter, @FirstTake & @GetUpESPN

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Quoted @Ben_ESPN

🏀 Excited to have @KendrickPerkins remain with ESPN! Perk has signed a multi-year extension to continue as @ESPNNBA analyst across platforms.

👀Good Interview below w/ @GlobeChadFinn of @BostonGlobe.

Blessed!!! 🙏🏾

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@KendrickPerkins Thanks @KendrickPerkins 100% correct. Harder to win NBA Title. Like you said Tom Brady is 43 y.o. He takes 3,5 or 7 steps and throws a football. He’s a specialist. You can’t hide a guy like that in the NBA. No 🧢

Well I be damn!

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Quoted @ESPNStatsInfo

According to @EliasSports Russell Westbrook is the first player in NBA history to record 50 rebounds and 50 assists over a 3-game span.

In HISTORY got Damn it!!! Respect this walking MEMORIAL. Carry the hell on...

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Quoted @stephenasmith

I'm CRUSHED, @KendrickPerkins. 😞

How i felt when u called me a Construction worker, damn!! Carry on 🤣🤣

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.@kendrickperkins with a word on the Knicks ☝️

"Not only should the Nets be threatened by the Knicks, but every team in the Eastern Conference should be threatened by the New York Knicks! ... This team is down! This team is really like that."

EVERY Team in the Eastern Conference should be worried about the @nyknicks come post season because they will not be an easy out! Carry the hell on...

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Quoted @FirstTake

The top five point guards in the NBA right now, according to @stephenasmith:

1. Steph Curry
2. James Harden
3. Damian Lillard
4. Chris Paul
5. Luka Doncic

"I'm not picking LeBron James because I'm not picking forwards for this list." 😅

Russell Westbrook should be on this damn list @stephenasmith carry the hell on...

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Quoted @GetUpESPN

"It's way harder to win a championship in the NBA than it is in the NFL."

Is @kendrickperkins speaking facts? 🤔

No disrespect to the NFL but it’s way harder to win a NBA Championship than it is to win a NFL Super Bowl!!! IMHO and don’t @ me.

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I know one thing that Rookie Of The Year award is going to go down to the wire!!! Right now it’s up for grabs between Ball and Edwards. Real Talk.

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Jokic: 32-12-6 in 29 minutes with the W!

Embiid: 34 and 12 in 25 minutes with the W!

The MVP race is very much alive people!!!

Let the season play out.

Carry the hell on...

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Nate McMillan got the @ATLHawks playing some inspiring basketball! Real Talk. They beat the Trailblazers and Suns in back to back wins both by double figures!!! Just saying tho...

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Ja Morant said on National Tv yesterday that he’s a Top 5 PG in this league and he backed it up tonight with a 37 piece wing dinner honey barbecue style and dished out 10 pieces of cornbread with the W! Carry the hell on...

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Everyone was wrong about Carmelo, and yeah I’m looking at you @MaxKellerman!! And by the way... the KNICKS is why basketball is BACK in New York! Carry the hell on @sportsnation!!

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