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You used to call me (at 3am) on my cell phone.
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Time for a lil’ closet clean out! 😎 Which needs to go?

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What's the last thing in your camera roll? Here’s mine. No surprises here. 🤣

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Why wouldn't I be tho??

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OK — who edited this? 😂

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Ever been in a car, lol? Get to know Richard Spikes—the Black, blind inventor who revolutionized auto mechanics. From the gear shift to turn signals to the safety brake, Richard 👏🏽DID👏🏽THAT. Happy #BlackHistoryMonth & remember we gotta look back to move forward!

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I love a good first. In the '60s this iconic thespian became the first Black actress to star in a TV drama. She also was awarded a Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2016. Bet y’all can guess this one...

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Home security systems bring comfort to many people, but few know who invented them. Here’s a hint for the guessers, SHE is also credited for inventing the first closed-circuit TV 🙌🏽📺🙌🏽. What other amazing inventions did Black women create? Drop it in the thread!

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As one of the first Black designers to gain international clout, he helped distinguish American fashions from Parisian influence. Plus, Pat Cleveland was his muse. Any idea who this is?

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Who else is grateful for the yellow light? 🚦Let’s thank Garret Morgan for adding a third traffic signal to slow us down and save many lives in the process.

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Hey, just dropping little known Black history facts. Tap in with your thoughts ✊🏽 A THREAD:

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What are we watching tonight?

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Today I’m Jake the Matchmaker, @mikejohnson1_ I got you bro 💪🏽

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Replying to @StateFarm: Our neighborhoods are stronger when we use our voices together. @CP3 @Socialchangefnd

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Our neighborhoods are stronger when we use our voices together. @CP3 @Socialchangefnd

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Hey @PatrickMahomes, can you give Paul some throwing lessons?

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For anyone wondering, Paul kept the hoodie.

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Replying to @friedriceart: It’s Drake from Statefarm @StateFarm #friedriceart #ricetoss #riceart #drake #drakefromstatefarm #statefarm #superbowlco…

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Drake…? I thought I was the “State Farm guy.”

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It’s Drake from Statefarm @StateFarm #friedriceart #ricetoss #riceart #drake #drakefromstatefarm #statefarm #superbowlcommercial

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It’s @Drake... from State Farm.

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