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Hydrate, bighten, and smooth with THAT FRESH TAKE Eye Cream. 💫 A multi-benefit powerhouse formula that visibly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, while masking dark circles and discoloration. Perfect for your AM + PM routine!

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THAT feeling when you open THAT BLOCKBUSTER Wonder Cream for the first time! Thick 👏 pillowy 👏 goodness 👏. Apply in the AM before your makeup and at night for ultra-hydration while you sleep. 

✨ Shop now: . Available at @Sephora.

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“You don’t have to let go of looking and feeling beautiful because of how old you are.” -@jlo⚡️
Say that ONE. MORE. TIME! #MondayMantra #BeautyHasNoExpirationDate

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Our #SelfCareSunday starting lineup. 🌟Tell us which #JLOBEAUTY products are now an absolute staple in your skincare routine. ⬇️

🤍 Shop THAT JLO GLOW 4-Piece Kit at @sephora
📷: @realnessatorres

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Thank you #LynnMurphy for showing us how you get your GLOW on using #JLOBEAUTY. 💫

🤍 Shop these steps to glow:
1️⃣ THAT JLO GLOW Multitasking Serum 
2️⃣ THAT BLOCKBUSTER Wonder Cream 
3️⃣ THAT STAR FILTER Complexion Booster

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It’s that ✨GLOW✨for us! 

THAT JLO GLOW Multitasking Serum is a powerhouse formula in a bottle. Starring our JLO BEAUTY Olive Complex, this antioxidant rich blend features squalane, fermented oil, extra virgin oil, and leaf extract. Shop now:

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Here’s how to get THAT glow with THAT STAR FILTER Complexion Booster: ✨ 1. Mix it with THAT BLOCKBUSTER Wonder Cream or your favorite foundation for an all over dewy glow. 2. Apply to the high points of your face for a highlight effect.

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Your morning skincare routine has entered the chat! ☀️ Don’t forget these two steps:

THAT BIG SCREEN SPF 30 Moisturizer and THAT FRESH TAKE Eye Cream.

Get your GLOW on: 🌟
Available at @Sephora. #JLOBEAUTY

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#Thanuska is giving us THAT dewy, warm glow with this post! ✨

Shop THAT JLO GLOW Multitasking Serum, THAT BLOCKBUSTER Wonder Cream, and THAT STAR FILTER Complexion Booster: 💛 #JLOBEAUTY

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THAT #MondayMantra energy has us feeling LIMITLESS. 💫 Share your mantra in the comments below. ⬇️  #JLOBEAUTY

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Reset your mind. Recharge your body. Reconnect with your soul. 💫 Let THAT glow shine from within. #JLOBEAUTY

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Replying to @JLo: THAT DR sunshine ✨glow✨. Happy Weekend!

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THAT DR sunshine ✨glow✨. Happy Weekend!

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One of @JLo’s secrets to achieving a luminous glow is THAT STAR FILTER Complexion Booster. ✨

🤍Available at @Sephora.

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We don’t know who needs to hear this, but your skin needs HYDRATION!

If your skin feels dull + dehydrated it’s time for THAT BLOCKBUSTER Wonder Cream. This ultra-thick formula gives your skin all-day moisture with our #JLOBEAUTY Olive Complex. Shop now:

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Dripping in THAT rose gold. ✨ Which #JLOBEAUTY products are you living for right now?! Share your favorites down below. ⬇️

🤍Shop That JLo GLow 4-Piece Kit at @Sephora.
🎥: @fabbeautyboss

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“Healthy, radiant skin starts with SPF.” - @jlo 

And that right there is a FACT. 👏 Your morning skincare routine isn’t complete without THAT BIG SCREEN SPF 30 Moisturizer. Shop #JLOBEAUTY:

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“Your daily beauty routine is an expression of love to yourself. And that’s what JLO BEAUTY is about… self-love.” 💛 -@JLo 

Check out our IG stories for some Self-Love templates. Repost, tag us, and share! Spread the love today. ✨ #ValentinesDay #JLOBEAUTY

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The basis of any effective skincare routine is a clean face.💧THAT HIT SINGLE Gel Cream Cleanser is powered by glycolipids that clear out pore-clogging residues, giving your skin a refreshing and gentle wash. 🧼 Shop #JLOBEAUTY:

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“Now you're in on my secret to bouncy, dewy skin…” -@jlo 💫 

THAT secret is THAT BLOCKBUSTER Wonder Cream! Apply after THAT JLO GLOW Multitasking Serum, morning + night. Using this Star Power Duo is clinically shown to deliver instant results! Shop now:

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