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IBM’s approach to corporate responsibility reflects our business — applied technology, continuous transformation, and sustainable change. #GoodTechIBM

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P-TECH students across 16 countries are gaining workplace experience and applying technology to global challenges like COVID-19 and climate change.

The Call for Code P-TECH Challenge starts today.
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Looks like you all really know you're #PTECH facts! The answer is....

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It's #TriviaDay

Can you fill in the blank?:
As of today, you can find P-TECH schools in ____ countries across the globe. 🌍

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We are grateful for the way this community came together during such a tough year and we're proud of the strong foundation we built for the road ahead.

Let’s journey forward, together. Here’s to 2021! #HappyNewYear

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We're holding tight to the strong sense of community that drives the way we contribute. @JEKelley04, General Manager of IBM #Blockchain Services, shares why this approach matters.

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Here's something we know for sure ➡️ The right combination of humanity and technology truly can help solve some of society’s toughest issues.

The way you showed up for your communities this year gave us so much #hope.

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The P-TECH network is leveling the playing field by investing in skills and opportunities for the next generation.

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Expanded access to #skills 💻 is also something that gave us #hope.

Despite the many challenges that rocked our education systems and economy, communities focused on making the #digital era inclusive for all learners.


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Q: What's hosted on IBM Cloud and has a community of volunteers and scientists making important progress towards potential #COVID19 treatments?

A: World Community Grid's OpenPandemics

Learn all about it:

In a year of incredible challenges, we found #hope in this community. ❤️ We're looking back on the moments that have demonstrated our collective opportunity for impact.

First up: The power of volunteers and scientists working together through @WCGrid ⬇️

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Replying to @GinniRometty: Almost 40 years ago, I came to @IBM determined to make an impact on the world. As I step down from my role as executive c…

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Almost 40 years ago, I came to @IBM determined to make an impact on the world. As I step down from my role as executive chairman, I know that IBM will still be part of my next chapter — it will live on in the values and purpose it has instilled in me.

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#IBM welcomes President-elect Biden’s nomination of Miguel Cardona to lead @usedgov. His experience in K-12 public education, most recently as Connecticut's top school official, makes him uniquely positioned to shape the future of our nation’s education system. #NewCollarJobs

We look forward to working with you, @teachcardona!

From #PTECH to apprenticeships, policy, and beyond — lets continue to reimagine access to education and skills that lead to good careers, together! #NewCollarJobs

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To achieve an inclusive recovery for unemployed and #LowWage, the @ReworkAmerica Alliance has released the first of a new suite of resources to help unemployed job seekers move into better jobs. via @MarkleFdn Take a look at the new resources here:

We agree! All job seekers deserve access to the #skills that jobs demand regardless of background, education, or life experiences.

SkillsBuild is free — share with a learner today:

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The #Sustainability Resource Channel for teachers is live!

🌳 Tools

💧 Lessons

🍃 Activities

🌎 & more

Thanks to @nature_org, @chesapeakebay, and @wwf_uk teaching sustainability has never been easier!

Get started:

Teachers and volunteers can help students get #SustainabilityReady with Open P-TECH's new Sustainability Resource Channel.

Start today:

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Inequality gaps have widened due to #COVID19. To build back better we need to keep Human Rights like education at the center. Open access to digital #learning is paramount.

Anyone, anywhere can start for free today:

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Technology combined with passion and creativity really can change the world.

Here's how Gercek worked with schools in Turkey and why she'll never stop #volunteering.

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We can hardly find the words to express all the things we're grateful for this year.

Help us out ⬇️ 🔎

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Open access to digital #skills and industry aligned #career readiness in schools is rapidly expanding thanks to the @PTECHNETWORK.

Bring the movement to your community today:

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is the heart of co-creation.

These are the values that ground our work in building a more just, open, and #inclusive world through good tech.

💬 It's #ToleranceDay - how do you embrace diversity and promote inclusion?

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Replying to @lifeatibm: 💡 Skills
👩‍💻 Projects
📝 Feedback

No Degree? No Problem! 🚀 Our apprenticeship program creates new career pathways for those…

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💡 Skills
👩‍💻 Projects
📝 Feedback

No Degree? No Problem! 🚀 Our apprenticeship program creates new career pathways for those without an advanced degree. Hear from some of our current UX apprentices and the value the program has offered them 👉 #NAW2020

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Climate change is putting our food supply at risk. 🌽 🚨

Agrolly is fighting back by giving small-scale farmers the tech to asses risk, make decisions, and thrive.

#WorldFoodDay | #CallforCode

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