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Today is #HolocaustRemembranceDay, when we honor the survivors of and those who lost their lives during the Holocaust. Around the world, the @GlobalGiving community counters intolerance and hate by supporting communities around the world that face discrimination. #WeRemember

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Though winters are becoming warmer and somewhat milder overall, extreme weather events have also been on the rise—including winter storms. 2020 brought some of the most extreme weather events we’ve ever seen, and that intensity will carry over into 2021:

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Electric vehicles are becoming more widespread, and some governments, like the U.K. and France, have pledged to phase out traditional combustion engines. But how much do electric vehicles actually help the environment? Read more:

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Happy #AustraliaDay! We’re highlighting Australian Wildfire Relief Fund grantee @foodbankaus, which is committed to long-term recovery for families affected by the bushfires and in need of food assistance. Learn about our other relief fund grantees ▶️

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#COVID19 wasn't the only disaster to strike in 2020.

Meet 6 communities battling the biggest disasters they’ve ever seen, from earthquakes in Puerto Rico to back-to-back hurricanes in Central America and Florida ▶️

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For thousands, #ClimateChange is not something that will happen—it’s already a reality. Read why @GlobalGiving is putting communities at the heart of climate action 👉

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#COVID19 has intensified challenges around the world, and some communities struggling with food access have been pushed to the brink of famine.

Here’s everything you need to know about the dire situation in Burkina Faso, Nigeria, South Sudan, and Yemen:

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We’ve talked a lot about the #NeutralityParadox—what it is, how our peers experience it—but what should we do about it?

We've developed a dilemma decision process called #Ethos. @GlobalGiving Evidence + Learning Director @acarlman explains how it works:

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As #COVID19 #vaccine distribution rolls out, nonprofit leaders have shifted to the next phase of their pandemic response: ensuring equitable distribution. Here’s everything you need to know about getting the vaccine to hard-to-reach communities:

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How much of a #COVID19 risk are worn clothes? Experts say that dirty laundry is likely not something to stress too much about—the virus only stays on fabric for about 8 hours. Read more from @NPRGoatsandSoda:

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As #COVID19 cases rise, vulnerable communities need your help. By donating to our #Coronavirus Relief Fund, you’re sending frontline responders to the areas that need them most, delivering essential items to struggling individuals, and more. Give now:

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Having trouble prioritizing your #MentalHealth? Though not a replacement for professional care, there are plenty of apps that can help manage and support your mental health. Check out this list of 41 to try: #SelfCare

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11% of the world's population already experiences the negative effects of #ClimateChange—and the members of the @GlobalGiving Climate Action Fund are working to change that.

Learn how they’re making our world cleaner and greener ➡️

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A 6.2 magnitude earthquake rocked West Sulawesi Province in Indonesia on January 15, leaving more than 800 injured and taking 77 lives.

@GlobalGiving partner @actforhumanity is providing emergency relief to those affected by the quake. Help them now:

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If you’ve been finding it harder to concentrate lately, you’re not alone! That's part of the so-called “ #Covid cloud,” which can lead to feeling a need to multitask, lack of focus, and forgetfulness. Check out some tips to combat the Covid cloud:

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Today is the 21st day of the 21st year of the 21st century. 😲

Why not add to the numerical aesthetic and give $21 to the #Coronavirus Relief Fund? You’ll provide immediate relief and long-term support to communities around the world! Give now:

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Ethiopia is reeling from multiple humanitarian crises: the #Tigray conflict, natural disasters, food shortages, and the #COVID19 pandemic. Here’s everything you need to know about what’s going on ▶️

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The neverending stream of headlines + long-term uncertainty due to #COVID19 has led to an increase in anxiety—and a focus on mental health resources. Here are 9 ways to go easy on yourself and practice some self-care:

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Many regions of the world are experiencing a spike in #COVID19 cases as a second wave of the disease hits, in some places even harder than the first wave. Give now to support most-impacted communities:

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