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We manage the flow of electric power to more than 26 million Texas customers -- representing 90 percent of the state's electric load.

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ERCOT’s Technical Advisory Committee is holding a special meeting this afternoon to discuss the February 2021 cold wx event, including an initial list of improvements identified by ERCOT. Meeting begins at 1 p.m. CT:

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Urgent ERCOT Board of Directors meeting this morning beginning at 10 a.m. CT. Presentation on extreme cold weather event. Live stream here: Board materials will be posted shortly:

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ERCOT operations have returned to normal, and we are no longer asking for energy conservation. Thanks for helping the grid during this very difficult time.

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operations have returned to normal. Conservation is still encouraged. 10:36:33 190221

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The system is recovering. Please continue to conserve energy. 10:02:30 190221

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Grid conditions are improving, and rotating outages are ending. Conservation is still critical. 09:07:00 190221

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ERCOT will end emergency conditions today:

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No additional outages overnight, although a few generating units tripped. Energy consumption is much higher this morning compared to yesterday, but there is sufficient power to serve load over morning peak. Grid operator expects to come out of emergency conditions later today.

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Power restoration continues into the evening, generation holding steady:

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Majority of customers are able to be restored, electric companies still restoring outages in the field:

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Grid operator continues to restore power, electric companies continue to bring generation back online:

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Grid operator restores more power overnight, ability to restore more depends on generator availability:

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We know this is hard. We continue to work as quickly and safely as possible to restore power. We gained some MWs overnight but are back to 14,000 MW of load shed; lost east DC-tie imports due to Midwest power emergency. We hope to reduce outages over the course of the day.

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Some generation is slowly returning. 
ERCOT was able to direct utilities to restore 600,000 households last night. 
2.7 million households still do not have power.

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ERCOT is restoring load as fast as we can in a stable manner. Generating units across fuel types continue to struggle with frigid temperatures.

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ERCOT has directed local utilities to restore 400,000 households in the last hour.

Generation availability is improving.

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There is a scam circulating on social media asking customers to text their private account numbers. Don’t do it! We don’t need any of your info to get your power back on – we are working as fast as we possibly can.

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As local utilities are allowed by ERCOT to restore service, please remember this so the power stays on…

If you are without power, turn off your thermostat and unplug appliances. Too much load on restored circuits at once can cause another outage.

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We should be able to restore some customers this afternoon due to additional wind & solar output, & additional thermal generation that has told us they expect to become available. But, the amount we restore will depend on how much generation is actually able to come online.

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