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Explain you’re mentally unstable without explaining that you’re mentally unstable. I’ll start:

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Yo if my friends don’t want me to simp for them, why are you all so cute? Stoppit

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Any WTF NEWS stories you guys have for me? I have a couple already but I want to see what you guys think!

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Quoted @PxlWeezy

Well hot damn. It's finally up. The first episode of the OverByte Podcast is up on Youtube and soon through Spotify and other streaming platforms!

Please watch and enjoy the first episode! More videos to come very soon! :) #BanjoKazooie #YouTube #podcast

If you guys like Banjo Kazooie, my good friend @PxlWeezy has started a podcast about all sorts of gaming stuff and his first episode is out now!!

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Have class & thicc ass.

Doing my #fanartfriday cause fuck it. I haven't posted art in a while.

#fanart of @CapnDesDes and his thickness

Holy shit 🤣🤣 YES

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Been having an absolute heck of a time playing the Jak series with @Achiever_Tay on stream. Here's a clip from last stream! See you guys tomorrow for more Jak 2

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So I really miss getting video response questions on YouTube for my QNAs, so IM DOING IT AGAIN. Send in a video here on twitter, or to my submissions section on Discord: or you can send it privately via Instagram DMS:

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What if we made out to the movie llamageddon?? Jk...... unless??

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Here's how tonight's stream went in a nutshell:

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The message you get when you don’t respond to a guys DMs for a single day:

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Going to finish up Jak and Daxter on stream today around 3-4PM PST. Follow me on twitch to know when I go live!

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A thicc bish in nature

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@youtooz @capndesdes 👀 day 100.. felt more like 30
It's what the people want, nay, it's what they need.
Concept by @AgaluakNas

Good god the dedication 😳

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You ever feel like

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Replying to @PxlWeezy: After watching @CapnDesDes play Jak & Daxter last night on his stream, it gave me the urge to play. So I'm playing some Jak &…

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After watching @CapnDesDes play Jak & Daxter last night on his stream, it gave me the urge to play. So I'm playing some Jak & Daxter right now on my #Twitch! Come hang out and vibe with me today! :) #smallstreamer

It's my annual Jak.... off.


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Get a load of this society, huh?

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Also if you prefer, you can ask me the questions on my Instagram questions story!

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Please go show support to this video, it took FOREVER to finish.
Big thanks to @NordVPN for the sponsorship on this.
ALSO plz follow everyone involved in this video (see thread)

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