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.@BillGates' new book is an exceptionally clear and accessible primer on climate change. He's unblinking in the difficulty of meeting this challenge but maintains a cautious optimism that it can be met—and provides a framework for action that is both specific and workable.

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And as we rightly celebrate what Democrats accomplished in the 2020 election, it’s always worth analyzing those successes in depth—and looking at where we came up short—as we look toward future cycles. This interview includes some ideas worth considering:

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The Biden administration’s commitment to democratic values at home and abroad couldn’t be more important—because democracy remains at risk around the world:

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There is no feeling quite like holding a copy of your own book! And I'm so excited for you all to read the young readers' and paperback editions of Becoming. I'd love to see your photos and reflections! #IAmBecoming 💕

If you haven’t read Michelle’s memoir yet, I hope you do—especially if the young readers’ edition might resonate with you or someone you know. Becoming isn’t just a title—it’s a process we all go through, and Miche’s story brings that to life with real honesty and beauty.

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Like so many others, Michelle and I benefited from Vernon Jordan's wise counsel and warm friendship—and deeply admired his tireless fight for civil rights. We hope the memory of his extraordinary presence and the legacy of his work bring comfort to Ann, Vickee, and his family.

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Replying to @springsteen: In Episode 3 of Renegades: Born in the USA, Bruce and @BarackObama talk about identity, grace, and some of the songs that…

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In Episode 3 of Renegades: Born in the USA, Bruce and @BarackObama talk about identity, grace, and some of the songs that have made a difference throughout their lives... including some new performances by Bruce! Take a listen to it all on @Spotify:

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Music has always been an important part of my life, and I think it’s safe to say that the same is true for @Springsteen. In this episode, we talked about the songs that’ve made a difference for us—and Bruce even brought out the guitar. Listen on @Spotify

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To date, My Brother’s Keeper has touched thousands of lives, and these are just a few stories of the inspiring young men we’ve met. By joining the @MBK_Alliance, you can help us reach even more.

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Today marks seven years since we launched My Brother’s Keeper to reduce barriers and expand opportunity for boys and young men of color. And it remains true that the only way our country lives up to its ideals is if our young people can reach their fullest potential.

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I first picked up Toni Morrison’s novels when I was entering college, and her voice fundamentally changed my perspective on the world. This Black History Month, I reflected on the impact that her writing has had on my life.

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“You’re now part of my activist family.”

At the conclusion of our six-month inaugural Leaders: Europe program, 35 #ObamaLeaders joined President @BarackObama to talk about activism, inspiration, and building a sustainable future.

It was great to hear from this impressive group of young leaders. If there's one thing we can bank on, it’s that young folks like these are our best hope for a more sustainable and just world.

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In each of us, there's a story to be shared—a story that’s sacred and can bring us together. I had such a good time talking with the @WellReadBlkGirl Book Club about A Promised Land because just as they learned about my story, I had a chance to learn from theirs.

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Even as we focus on fighting COVID-19, it’s important to recognize that there’s another pandemic raging right now—one that’s decades in the making and unique to the United States. We need to treat gun violence with the same urgency and resolve.

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Sending my prayers to @TigerWoods and his family tonight—here’s to a speedy recovery for the GOAT of golf. If we’ve learned anything over the years, it’s to never count Tiger out.

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Last year, I sat down with my good friend Bruce @Springsteen for a long and meaningful conversation that touched on so much of what we’re all dealing with these days. I’m excited to share it with you over the next few weeks:

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For decades, John Lewis not only gave all of himself to the cause of freedom and justice, but inspired generations that followed to try to live up to his example. On his birthday, we honor his memory, and work toward continuing his legacy by creating change in our communities.

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I want to share this inspiring book about the events leading up to the 1960 election, from Dr. King's imprisonment to student activism in Atlanta to JFK's campaign. It's a story we can all learn from—a story of overlooked heroes and the power each of us has to create change.

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Congrats to @NASAJPL on landing @MarsPersevere today! Looking forward to seeing what this mission uncovers—and proud our administration invested in this effort eight years ago to help continue America’s rich tradition of exploration and discovery.

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'No matter what somebody’s accomplished—the greatest novelist, the greatest surgeons, the greatest political activists—they didn’t start that way' — @BarackObama met with writing students to talk about their ambitions and share his own experience of growing up between cultures

I felt inspired and hopeful after speaking with students in @TheTellingRoom’s Young Writers & Leaders program. I wrote #APromisedLand in part because I hoped to reach young people like those in this group—the unique voices of a new generation, energized and unafraid to dream big.

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