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#BadBunny (@sanbenito) dives into his new album #ELÚLTIMOTOURDELMUNDO with @SandraPena.

Watch the interview:

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“It was a full-circle moment for me. This guy was the reason I started singing.”

Listen to #MONSTER from @ShawnMendes x @justinbieber on #AListPop:

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New #BadBunny (@sanbenito) is here. 🔥

Watch three exclusive performances for #LADROGA, #ELMUNDOESMÍO, and #TEMUDASTE from #ELÚLTIMOTOURDELMUNDO now, only on Apple Music:

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Replying to @AppleTV: All we want for Christmas is for December 4 to come earlier.

Watch only on Apple TV+…

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All we want for Christmas is for December 4 to come earlier.

Watch only on Apple TV+

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A new album from @MileyCyrus is here at last. 🖤

Listen to an exclusive edition of #PlasticHearts featuring four videos from Miley’s #BackyardSessions, only on Apple Music:

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“Music has no limits. That is what it is about." 👁

#ELÚLTIMOTOURDELMUNDO from #BadBunny (@sanbenito) is here.
Listen now:

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It’s an #EasyHits Thanksgiving Day takeover on Apple Music Hits.

Listen as @SabiSoundz controls the vibes:

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#chinatown from @bleachersmusic featuring @springsteen leads #ALTCTRL.

Hear the track and @jackantonoff's interview with @HanumanWelch:

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#Lucid is about living a different life through dreaming, whether it's to be with the dream girl or to be the dream girl.”

Listen to the latest from @rinasawayama on #NewMusicDaily:

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#CYR is coming…

@Billy Corgan of @SmashingPumpkin talks new music with @zanelowe.

Catch it:

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“The magic of mini” is out now! Happy holidays from @TierraWhack, @CALMATIC, and Apple.

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Get ready for #NewMusicDaily Presents @ShawnMendes.

Sign up for a chance to chat with Shawn next Thursday at 8:30PM PT as you hear songs from #WONDER & ask questions live.

Reserve your spot (US only):

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Listen to @taylorswift13's #folklore: the long pond studio sessions now. 🕯🌾

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.@Shenandoahband join @lukelaird on #CountryReplay Radio to discuss their new collab album #EveryRoad.


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“I love what people feel when they listen to it.”

Before she drops her new album this Friday, @MileyCyrus reflects on her past work and how it’s impacted the making of #PlasticHearts with @zanelowe.


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Introducing the winners of the second annual Apple Music Awards: @lilbaby4PF, @theestallion, @taylorswift13 & @RoddyRicch.

The celebration begins Monday, December 14 with a week of special performances, fan events, interviews & more:

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