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The Podcast: Anti-Trust prof @ZephyrTeachout & early Facebook investor @Moonalice on why Facebook, Google, & Amazon are too big. Here, Teachout describes what a public library would do to ape Facebook.

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On The Pod – Uncle Sam (Roger McNamee @Moonalice) & Auntie Trust (@ZephyrTeachout) Discuss Facebook, Google, Amazon and Democracy. Here McNamee draws a straight line between Facebook and Jan 6.

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Join me on #Clubhouse right now!

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I was afraid of Anne Beatts when we first met. She seemed like a quintessential NY sophisticate. We ended up laughing & sharing so many great times. RIP, Anne.

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How do we get past the #FILIBUSTER? Make them get 41 instead of our getting 60. And then make them stay there all night! Please join me and @NormOrnstein and @topicstories on Clubhouse tonight at 8pm ET/5pm PT.

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.@NormOrnstein and I have a nifty modification for the #filibuster THAT JUST MIGHT WORK! Please join us and @topicstories on Clubhouse on Friday, April 9 at 8pm ET/5pm PT.

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McConnell told corporations to “stay out of politics.” But then clarified: they should still donate because SCOTUS ruled that money is speech. But they shouldn’t have to disclose where they’ve donated. Because the most effective speech is silent speech.

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WaPo headline: “NRA chief Wayne LaPierre acknowledges he did not disclose bankruptcy plans or luxury yacht trips to other official” But he said they were in no way related.

In piece: “The yacht trips were necessary for business purposes & provided safe retreat from physical threats he received in the wake of mass shootings.” Hey! Another mass shooting. Time for a luxury yacht cruise!

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This week on The Podcast - Al discusses the border with immigration expert @anoorani. Here, the disgraceful backlog in our asylum system.

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Hey, everybody – check out my 1st made-for-You-Tube-video on the #filibuster. It just might be the approach that enables Dems to enact our agenda! And it gets a 97% score from YouTube Rating Magazine! (There’s no such thing). Check it out!

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On the Podcast - The Border - National Immigration Forum (@NatImmForum) Head @anoorani on the Border. Here's Ali about how the Trumpers made things worse in Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

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Amazon admitted it lied when it had insisted its truckers never need to pee into bottles on the job. “This is an industry-wide issue and not specific to Amazon,” said an Amazon spokesman. “Except, y’know, the lying.”

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Two of my four Jewish grandchildren celebrating the Resurrection by locating plastic eggs with chocolate inside! Happy Easter!

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On the Podcast - The Border - National Immigration Forum (@NatImmForum) Head @anoorani on what brought us here & what to do going forward. Here - the cruelty of Sessions and Stephen Miller.

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My first video for YouTube! The #Filibuster and How We Pass the #ForThePeople Act and John Lewis Voting Rights Act.

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Economics? Do not fear! In this ALL-NEW @talkingfedspod, @paulkrugman @alfranken &
@BetseyStevenson break it all down in lively dynamic discussion. It's a must-listen to understand the historic period we seem to be entering. Catch "The New New Deal?" at

Check out this wk’s @talkingfedspod , the podcast that has current & former federal officials & also smart people on. I’m on with economists @paulkrugman & @BetseyStevenson. I’m the fmr federal official.

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Mitch McConnell says Biden’s infrastructure plan is a Trojan horse for tax increases. It’s not. It’s a Trojan horse for infrastructure.

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This about uptick in domestic violence during Covid appeared recently in @axios Twin Cities. Last April I raised $ for the @womensadvocates shelter for survivors in St. Paul. Pls help if you can.

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DAVID LETTERMAN joins me on The Al Franken Podcast. Here, I ask a brilliant question about his Netflix series, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.

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