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Husband, father, random sayer of stuff. ALSO, proud author or magicaltastic books called The Magic Misfits. This link’ll let you order ‘em:


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Quoted @krishraghav

Not often that you play something that feels like the threshold of a whole new universe of possibilities. @ActuallyNPH and @theory11 's "Box One" is incredible, one of the most unique board games out there.

I appreciate this immensely. Thanks for playing. Well done.

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Yo yo, bunnies! In one hour I'll be losing my Twitch virginity, playing a virtual escape room with @escthispodcast, @janetvarney and @travismcelroy!

You can watch the whole thing live at . We’re certain to fail and then succeed.

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Happy Easter, everyone! As my great, Great Uncle Seamus said: ‘May your eggs be well hidden, and may ye discover each and every one, so they don’t wind up weeks later, moldy and rotting, and teeming with salmonella!’ (I’m paraphrasing, but it was something equally inspired...)

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Quoted @EscThisPodcast

Oh hey @travismcelroy, @janetvarney, and @ActuallyNPH

We should all play some kinda puzzle game of twitch together. That would be cool!

<< shakes Magic 8-Ball >> ‘As I see it, yes.’ << shakes again >> ‘It is decidedly so’. I guess I’m in.

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Quoted @DanAmrich

After enjoying #BoxOne, I picked up @ActuallyNPH's gorgeous set of playing cards from @theory11 and...well, I am still looking for the start point of the puzzle. So far, I've found intriguing references, but no clear direction...

Yo. There’s a second unique card included in the deck. You’ll need both together to begin your quest. Go get ‘me!

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Quoted @andrewshikiar

@ActuallyNPH see attached suggestion/request for your next Misfit book from my 8 year old daughter - both of my girls are huge fans of the series!

A wonderful note! I don’t have plans to write another MM book, but a super swell idea. Tell her thanks!

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David and I went on a #DoubleDate with @marlothomas and #PhilDonahue to talk about love, marriage, and relationships. Check out our episode of the #DoubleDate podcast to hear our conversation. @Davidburtka

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Quoted @EscThisPodcast

Our Latest episode is out! Join @janetvarney and @ActuallyNPH as they try to solve an audio escape room in the latest chapter of What Alice Found.


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Fans of escape rooms! And/or fans of Janet Varney! JV and I played the latest episode of Escape This Podcast, where we solved/puzzled our way to the end! What fun! If active listening is your jam, then they/we are your bread: @EscThisPodcast @jvclubpodcast

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💥 Box ONE is BACK. The game sold out at Target stores nationwide, twice. But today, it's back in stores!Into puzzles, trivia, codes, and escape rooms? Solve Box ONE. 🌎 For those outside of the USA, you can also get it online at @target @theory11  #boxone

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Quoted @dawncaliann

I just finished Box One and I just have to say thanks to @ActuallyNPH because it might actually be the best thing that’s ever happened to me! 10/10 everyone go to Target rn and buy it because wow it was so much fun 🤩

Love that you loved!

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Quoted @Joey_Ruins

Can we take a minute and appreciate what @ActuallyNPH and @theory11 gave us? Box One - A one player escape room-esque puzzle game. Listen, without spoiling it, I thought it was goofy at first with all of the cards and then what?! Wait.. how?! Really?! Wooooww. Thats was amazing.

Love this Box ONE review! Thanks, man.

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Our family loved Flora & Ulysses on @disneyplus! Funny script, nice to see @alydenisof gettting her acting on, and bravo to Ben Schwartz (@rejectedjokes) for elevating every scene he was in! So much fun! And, bonus!, @katemicucci! 👍🏼🐿❤️

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Paying safe pays off. Literally. I'm awarding $$$ for the best entries. Tag @PayPal or @Venmo and show or tell me how you shop safely at @CVSPharmacy with #ThankQRC and #Contest. My favorite responses get 🤑. #PayPalPartner US only, 18+. Rules:

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Add a lil touch-free magic at checkout with @PayPal and @Venmo QR codes to help keep shopping trips fast, safe and secure. Apparently, there are safer ways to shop besides locking yourself in a @CVSPharmacy overnight. Who knew? #ThankQRC  #PayPalPartner

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If you have ever been moved by magic, stop your world and watch @derek_del’s brilliant In And Of Itself, now on @hulu. It’s a master class in storytelling, a performance on a whole other level. Impeccably directed by @TheFrankOzJam. Super proud of all involved.

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Hope those that can are watching #ItsASin, which premiered tonight on @Channel4. It was a sincere honor to be part of something so epic, yet so intimate. Bravo @russelldavies63 for being brilliant. @REDProductionCo

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Thank you for bringing attention to this important issue. Box ONE is my intellectual property, and this means a lot to me. If you play the game, you’ll understand... #boxonegame

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In need of follower assistance: My new game BOX ONE is nominated in the Player’s Choice Awards 2020! Vote now in the *TABLETOP* game category here (enter Box ONE by NPH): 🏆

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Here’s a bunch of stuff I love, care of @NYMag. #GiftIdeas2020 @saxxunderwear #barrattrileyandco @tonal @DollarShaveClub @BarrySonnenfeld @oculus #lamer #claseazul @theory11 #boxonegame

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