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"They amplified the big lie, the baseless allegation, that this election was stolen from Donald Trump." Hear @SenTinaSmith on why she thinks Ted Cruz & Josh Hawley need to be investigated & held accountable by the Senate Ethics Committee. Watch here 👉

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"Once you're elected, your job is not just to pay attention to those who supported you, your job is to pay attention to the needs & the aspirations of those who supported your opponent." Hear @GovRidge on creating empathy in politics. Watch here 👉

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Hear Former Secretary of Homeland Security @GovRidge on the breach of the Capitol, the ongoing investigation into those involved, whether the Proud Boys might be deemed a domestic terrorist organization & more. Watch the full #ASPChat here 👉

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As the Federal investigation into the participants of the Capitol breach continues, hear former MA Gov. @DevalPatrick explain the likelihood of the new justice department charging Donald Trump for his crimes on January 6th. Watch the full chat here 👉

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Learn more about the recent history of the transgender military ban, why @RepAdamSmith hopes that the Biden administration will repeal it, and what he will do personally to once again ensure transgender individuals can serve in the military. Watch here 👉

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This week on ASP: Fmr. Gov. @DevalPatrick & @GovRidge discuss the transition & incoming administration, @RepAdamSmith & @RepDustyJohnson debate impeachment, Rep. @EleanorNorton on police reform, @RepMalinowski on big tech algorithms, & more. Watch now on

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Former Secretary of Homeland Security @GovRidge discusses President Biden potentially rejoining the Iran nuclear agreement and voices his concerns over unstable governments having access to nuclear weapons. Learn more in the full #ASPChat 👉

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"I think President Biden probably faces the most complex set of challenges of any of his predecessors." Hear former Secretary of Homeland Security @GovRidge share his opinion on the most pressing domestic & foreign threats to American security. Watch here👉

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During his first day in office, President Biden signed an Executive Order that put an end to the Keystone XL Pipeline. Hear @RepDustyJohnson explain why he doesn't support the decision in his #DailyPoint. Watch the full video here 👉

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Join @ChrisEvans, @MarkKassen & former Secretary of Homeland Security @GovRidge as they discuss the presidential transition, national security, and more. TUNE IN NOW at

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Hear former MA Gov. @DevalPatrick explain his view on the prison industrial complex, and what reforms to the system he would like to see from the Biden administration in the long term. Watch the full #ASPChat here 👉

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When he was a candidate, President Biden said that he would look into possibly reforming & expanding the Supreme Court. Hear former MA Gov. @DevalPatrick explain what this means and what he considered the pros and cons to be. Watch here 👉

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Tune in tonight to hear @ChrisEvans, @MarkKassen and former MA Gov. @DevalPatrick discuss President Biden's top criminal justice reforms, why he believes reform will take longer than 100 days, and more. Watch the full #ASPChat at

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Hear Rep. @EleanorNorton explain why she supports the bill requiring body & dashboard cameras for police officers, and why she thinks that Congress will be able to pass the bill this term. Watch the #DailyPoint here 👉

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What executive actions will President Biden take today? Learn more about the first executive orders that President Biden plans to enact in the gallery below 👇

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Learn more about the history of executive orders and how Presidents have used them over time in the gallery below 👇

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President Biden will sign a historic number of executive actions to begin his work fulfilling his promises to the American people. Learn more about executive orders, their history, and what Biden's actions will be in the gallery below 👇

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Hear @RepHartzler explain the marriage penalty for student loan interest tax deductions, and how her bill will address the issue to ensure that every individual is able to deduct up to $2500 whether they're married or not. Watch the full video here 👉

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Approximately 1 in 4 people across America holds some form of student loan debt, contributing to the estimated $1.54 trillion owed nationwide. Hear from your lawmakers on how they think it is best to address this debt crisis with #StartingPoints 👉

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